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Accelerating business success requires an IP focus

Patent Attorney John-Paul Rooney argues that IP should be regarded as a core element of any business strategy
29 Aug 2013

Pushing the Roundabout

Old Street sign in the Tech City area of London
With the launch on 1 April of HMRC’s tax-saving ‘Patent Box’ scheme, the government has given a clear signal that it is keen to help tech start-ups. But is there more it could do for firms at London’s Silicon Roundabout? Stuart Sumner finds out
06 Mar 2013

IT salaries to rise in 2013 to discourage employees from moving abroad

UK faces shortfall of 33,300 IT and tech workers by 2050
21 Jan 2013

Government focus on Silicon Roundabout 'web fads' criticised by Dyson inventor

Sir James Dyson says more should be done to encourage students to study science and engineering
08 Jan 2013

Tech City dreamin’

Are the government’s dreams of building a rival to California’s Silicon Valley in the East End of London built on sand?
31 Oct 2012

Analysis: Big fish circle Silicon Roundabout’s minnows

The unique character of East London’s Silicon Roundabout is unlikely to survive the incursion of Google, Amazon and Facebook, but the tech giants’ arrival may not be all bad news for the start-up community
04 Sep 2012

Amazon's new London tech hub could put pressure on start-ups

Corporate giant sets up camp in London because of 'hotbed of tech talent'
23 Jul 2012

UK's "attractive ecosystem" drove Silicon Valley Bank's UK debut, says chief

SVB could lend billions of pounds to UK tech businesses
11 Jun 2012

Tech City’s Huddle secures third round of funding

$24m investment to take the company to ‘billion dollar’ IPO
25 May 2012

Tech city start-up Cloud.IQ wins £2m venture funding

Investment to fuel growth for integrated marketing platform
16 May 2012

The humdrum truth about e-business

17 Apr 2012

Telefónica backs UK's tech start-ups with academy launch

Select UK projects to receive financing, expert advice and a workplace
08 Mar 2012