Latest Siemens articles

The ‘IT skills gap’ – a genuine problem or just scaremongering?

Is UK plc scaremongering the government into relaxing visa restrictions?
05 Jan 2014

University of Greenwich adopts Siemens OpenScape Contact Centre to improve clearing process

System will make handling 97 per cent increase in calls more efficient
14 Aug 2013

Nokia buys Siemens out of telecoms equipment joint venture for €1.7bn

Nokia's Stephen Elop
Nokia re-united with telecoms equipment arm as Siemens gets out of communications
01 Jul 2013

Nokia Siemens Networks looks to raise €700m from public markets

Telecoms firm wants to use money to pay off debt and fund investment
21 Jan 2013

Telco suppliers go from boom to bust

Why are the big telecoms equipment vendors struggling in the age of IP?
06 Aug 2012

Ericsson suffers 63 per cent profit drop in Q2

Nokia Siemens also drops 8 per cent globally
19 Jul 2012

Row breaks out in US over Stuxnet worm leaks

Republicans accuse White House of using malware leaks to bolster President’s image
06 Jun 2012

ENISA outlines seven measures to improve ICS security

EU security body's report details the potential threats to Industrial Control Systems, and what should be done to protect them
19 Dec 2011

EC gives Atos green light to acquire Siemens IT Solutions

The £750m transaction should close by July
28 Mar 2011

Kent County Council adopts Siemens unified comms platform

The system will enable the council to provide VoIP and unified comms to public bodies across Kent
04 Jan 2011

Siemens IT staff at BBC accept new pay offer

Staff accept deal to avert proposed industrial action
19 Apr 2010

Siemens profits up despite revenue fall

Surprise profits have prompted giant to review 2010 outlook
26 Jan 2010

BP outsources global communications set-up

Contract expected to reduce complexity and cost
03 Dec 2009

Devon County Council converges voice and data with Siemens

Productivity and shared services is the driver for deploying converged network
26 Nov 2009

IP telephony brings cost savings to Walsall

New communications system could deliver £567k savings over five-year period, say consultants
24 Aug 2009

Fujitsu buys Siemens' stake in FSC

Sale driven by need to reduce costs and refocus activity
05 Nov 2008