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Yahoo revenues slip again in second quarter

Yahoo revenues decline by four per cent, while Alibaba now accounts for two-thirds of the company's value
16 Jul 2014

Google web form offers EU citizens first step in 'right to be forgotten'

Google vs Privacy
Search giant allows EU citizens to request removal of search results, but with no promises of action
30 May 2014

Google's Larry Page: Web search remains a challenging technology, but usability still key

Larry Page
Annual letter to shareholders highlights Google's growing technology challenges
16 May 2014

Microsoft case shows the increasingly long reach of government agencies

A US court has ordered Microsoft to hand over data about a user held in Ireland. But is that necessarily so unusual? Graeme Burton investigates
06 May 2014

A positive reaction: big data technology at the Royal Society of Chemistry

MarkLogic's enterprise NoSQL platform allows science publisher to reach out to new audiences and platforms, says strategist
08 Nov 2013

Google faces another antitrust investigation

New US probe comes as Europe and Canada start examining web giant's practices
24 May 2013

Google unveils personalised Google Maps

New service builds around idea of 'a map for every person and place'
16 May 2013

Google reports record $50bn revenue for 2012

Web giant sees revenue increase despite slight drop in UK search share
23 Jan 2013

Bundestag sends 'Google Tax' to committee

German parliament will decide if Google is to be charged to link media content
30 Nov 2012

Yahoo's new CEO to focus on mobile and 'everyday user loyalty'

'User experience' the key to Yahoo turnaround
23 Oct 2012

Google faces record fine over Safari privacy breach

Search giant bypassed ‘do not track’ user options in Safari
11 Jul 2012

Yahoo appoints interim CEO following Thompson's departure

CEO of ailing internet giant leaves company having exaggerated his education on his CV
14 May 2012

Google adds SSL to global search sites

Survey finds increasing unrest among consumers for search tracking
13 Mar 2012

Google: Cyber criminals use IP cloaking to circumvent security

Report exposes how malware authors evade cyber security techniques
19 Aug 2011

Google moves into anti-malware

Search engine giant and innovator takes a step into the security arena – should traditional security vendors be alarmed?
21 Jul 2011

Government too close to Google?

More evidence that the search giant wields too much influence over law makers
11 Jul 2011

Gambling site bets on Transversal tool to boost traffic

SportingBet invests in intelligent self-service information delivery software
11 Jul 2011

EMC World 2011: EMC utilises Google Search Appliance in VNX storage system

Connector aims to increase productivity by ensuring up-to-date intranet search results
11 May 2011

Microsoft files EU antitrust complaint against Google

The software giant accuses Google of a string of anti-competitive actions
31 Mar 2011

Brent Council relies on Google

London borough installs internet search appliances to improve access to web resources
14 Sep 2009

Google grows profit but sees sales go flat

Chief executive sees three per cent revenue increase as no mean feat given the downturn
17 Jul 2009

E-commerce case study: Agent Provocateur

Lingerie firm gets intimate with its customers
07 Jul 2009

Case study: Evans Cycles races to web success

Enhanced search engine helps Evans to peddle more bikes
07 Jul 2009

Is this the start of something big?

While a strong whiff of hype hangs over Wolfram Alpha ­ the world’s first “computational knowledge engine” ­ there may be something to it
04 Jun 2009