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Birmingham City University investing £10m in attempt to plug STEM skills gap

Industry faces a shortfall of 80,000 skilled workers within the next two years, according to Semta
12 Dec 2014

Data analytics firms make a serious play for telematics

The rise of telematics in the insurance industry has data analytics vendors’ tongues wagging, Sooraj Shah investigates
18 Sep 2014

Insurance industry 'behind' on harnessing big data

Unlocking Big Data
Jason Cabral, group head of pricing and management information at Zenith Insurance, tells Computing the sector could benefit from harnessing big data
18 Aug 2014

Zenith Insurance gets better data insight and cuts fraud with SAS

Zenith Insurance's Jason Cabral explains how deploying SAS has improved efficiency at the insurance company
15 Aug 2014

SAS CEO: "I didn't believe in mobile"

"I could not see any real reason to want to do analytics and bring results back to something the size of a BlackBerry," says CEO Jim Goodnight
13 May 2014

British Gas deploys SAS analytics “as a service” to drive marketing campaigns

Analytic capabilities intended to mine customer information to power outbound marketing initiatives
12 Mar 2014

How big data is foiling fraud

Authorities on either side of the Atlantic are using analytics to fight fraud. Danny Palmer examines how, through the use of big data, governments are saving billions
27 Dec 2013

Top 10 IT skills stories of 2013

Computing has a look at the hardest hitting IT skills stories of the year
09 Dec 2013

Public sector could tackle £20bn a year fraud through big data, claims SAS

Business analytics firm makes the case for using technology for clampdown
06 Dec 2013

Npower’s new billing system at fault for service issues

CEO Paul Massara apologises to customers for 'installation that didn't go as smoothly as planned'
03 Dec 2013

Liam Fox MP : 'Exploiting big data is a massive economic opportunity'

Fox urges universities and industry to ensure that the UK is the first nation to profit from big data potential
28 Nov 2013

'You have a one in three chance of being recruited for big data role' SAS tells students

100 roles up for grabs at the likes of PwC, the BBC and HMRC, for 300 who attended today's careers fair
28 Nov 2013

Big data 'vital' to UK economy - but more experts needed, says SAS Institute

SAS Institute research indicates 69,000 more big data specialists will be required by 2017
08 Nov 2013

How SAS boosts CareSource patient care with big data

US healthcare provider explains how analytics is helping it to deliver a better service for patients
30 Oct 2013

Hadoop is 'super sexy' - Lenovo

'Sexy' image of Hadoop means many firms are diving into it even if they don't have to, Lenovo's Anthony Volpe tells Computing
25 Oct 2013

Analytics will play a critical part in heathcare, says US medical firm CareSource

CareSource's Bob Gladden tells Computing that analytics will revolutionise healthcare
24 Oct 2013

Metric system cannot keep up with data deluge says MIT scientist

'I don't want to alarm anybody, but we are about to 'run out' of metric system,' Andrew McAfee tells SAS PBLS 13
24 Oct 2013

Big data hype manufactured by analysts and media, says SAS CEO Jim Goodnight

'The term big data is being used today because computer analysts and journalists got tired of writing about cloud computing,' says SAS Institute's Jim Goodnight
24 Oct 2013

Lenovo: analytics will help us ‘become more like Apple or Samsung'

'To become an Apple or a Samsung in terms of their understanding of the consumer, that’s what's expected of analytics,' says Lenovo chief corporate analytics officer Anthony Volpe
23 Oct 2013

SAS brings a brighter outlook for British Gas customers

British Gas’s Steve Mcgivern tells Danny Palmer how a new SAS data analytics solution is helping the energy giant provide better customer service
09 Jul 2013

SAS looks to big data for a big future

CEO Jim Goodnight tells Danny Palmer that a burgeoning demand for in-memory BI tools means the future is looking rosy, and why he’s glad SAS is not a web firm
27 Jun 2013

“What is Waze, and why did Google pay $1bn for it?” asks SAS CEO

“This whole internet world is strange and I’m glad we don’t have to deal with it,” says Goodnight
19 Jun 2013

SAS CEO sceptical about benefits of working from home

Jim Goodnight believes face-to-face working improves innovation and productivity
12 Jun 2013

High demand for places at SAS academies, says CEO Jim Goodnight

North Carolina State University received 450 applications for 80 course places
11 Jun 2013