Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab articles

Samsung provides UEL students 4,000 tablets, while exiting Europe laptop market for good

Devices pre-loaded with course textbooks, virtual learning environment resources
25 Sep 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to deploy Intel CPU, according to report

Intel logo
Would mark a big win for Intel's mobile strategy
31 May 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 inch details leaked as firm grabs 95 per cent of Android market

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 3 comes with Android 4.1
Even Google capitulates with pure Android S4 introduction
21 May 2013

Galaxy S4 could see Samsung beat iPhone

Samsung will release the new Galaxy S4 will be revealed this week in New York
11 Mar 2013

Samsung doubles share of tablet market in record year

Shipments of tablets up 75 per cent year-on-year
01 Feb 2013

2013 preview: devices and endpoint

Which platform will come out on top as we enter a new year in mobile enterprise?
27 Dec 2012

iPad mini named most in-demand Christmas gift

41 per cent of UK adults that are 55 or over have put a tablet, smartphone or laptop on their Xmas lists
18 Dec 2012

Judge rejects Apple request to reinstate Samsung sales ban

Judge Koh sticks by her decision to lift ban on US sales
18 Dec 2012

Apple ordered to reveal HTC settlement – but only to Samsung's lawyers

Samsung also wins right to include the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in its counterclaim
22 Nov 2012

Apple ordered to make a clearer apology to Samsung on its UK home page

Court of Appeal unimpressed by Apple's response to Samsung tablet court order
01 Nov 2012

Apple fails to overturn UK High Court decision on Samsung tablet design

Samsung hails decision as Apple is defeated again
18 Oct 2012

Samsung sees profits rise in third quarter by 85 per cent

Electronics giant estimates record-high quarterly operating profit
05 Oct 2012

Samsung wins US appeal over Galaxy Tab injunction

US Federal Court orders judge to reconsider injunction against non-infringing device
01 Oct 2012

Samsung fails in bid to reverse Galaxy tablet injunction

Bid to overturn injunction fails on US legal technicality
18 Sep 2012

Analysis: The Apple-Samsung verdict in quotes

The best analysis from around the web into the Apple-Samsung intellectual property case
28 Aug 2012

Apple wins patent infringement case against Samsung

Court rejects Samsung's counter-claims and awards Apple $1bn in compensation
25 Aug 2012

Apple and Samsung both guilty

Each violated the other's intellectual property, says South Korean court
24 Aug 2012

Apple and Samsung close their arguments in attacking style

The very future of open business competition in the US is at stake, claim Samsung's lawyers
22 Aug 2012

Judge gives instructions to jury as Apple and Samsung prepare closing arguments

Apple-Samsung case set to be decided by jury after both sides fail to reach a compromise
21 Aug 2012

Judge tells Apple and Samsung to settle their own differences

Apple and Samsung urged to settle patent infringement suit
16 Aug 2012

Apple claims a quarter of Samsung’s £19.4bn US sales result from infringements

Secret Microsoft patent deal also revealed in trial
14 Aug 2012

Apple-Samsung case restarts today

Samsung designer set to refute claims that the firm is a slave to Apple fashion
06 Aug 2012

Apple and Samsung trade accusations in first day of $2.5bn patent battle

Apple asserts that Samsung copied its products; Samsung claims 'prior art'
01 Aug 2012

Apple-Samsung ‘peace talks’ end in acrimony over patent values

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung vice chairman Choi Gee-sung fall out over patent values
24 Jul 2012