Latest RIM Blackberry articles

BlackBerry suffers service outage across EMEA

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9900
Reports suggest a server problem at a datacentre in Slough
10 Oct 2011

Government backs away from social media restrictions

But meeting with Twitter, Facebook and RIM discusses how law enforcement agencies could “crack down” on criminal use
26 Aug 2011

Putting tablets to work

Tablet PC that says 'Please support me'
Computing’s recent web seminar on tablet devices examined their potential role in business, and the issues IT leaders need to consider when devising a tablet strategy
22 Aug 2011

RIM likely to hand over data to the police and government

A lawyer explains where the police stand legally in terms of accessing information from BlackBerrys
09 Aug 2011

Surrey council trials PlayBook

RIM PlayBook meets government security standards, unlike the iPad, says head of IT
04 Aug 2011

RIM announces 2,000 job cuts

BlackBerry maker to shed 11 per cent of its workforce as it focuses on 'growth opportunities'
26 Jul 2011

UK smartphone uptake stalls thanks to women and elderly

YouGov report suggests devices hold little attraction for most old people and many women
14 Jul 2011

The Consumerisation Challenge

John Harris, chairman of the Corporate IT Forum discusses the consumerisation of IT, and what it means for the enterprise
14 Jul 2011

A report from the NG Security Summit Europe - Lisbon, June 2011

24 Jun 2011

Review: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook

New tablet offers fast processor and better security than most other tablets
24 Jun 2011

Interview: Mark Laws, A&N Media

A&N Media’s Mark Laws believes collaborative technology such as Yammer can be an invaluable enterprise tool
22 Jun 2011

Tech Talk 35 - Sage acquisition, Lulzsec and more!

In this episode we discuss the potential Sage acquisition, RIM's Playbook, Lulzsec's latest hacks and the new cloud storage service from TrendMicro
17 Jun 2011

RIM misses meagre expectations, Nokia flounders too

RIM misses limp quarterly expectations and Nokia closes down online stores
17 Jun 2011

PlayBooks see UK launch, Chromebooks to follow

Enterprises will have new gadgets to support in coming weeks
15 Jun 2011

Surrey Council to trial PlayBook app for social workers

20 social workers will get to try out the software on RIM's new tablet device
26 May 2011

Camden Council bolsters BlackBerry security

Local authority is rolling out three-tier security solution to BlackBerry users
26 May 2011

Yamaha plans to make entire workforce mobile

Firm uses BlackBerry platform to mobilise employees
10 May 2011

RIM faces a difficult quarter despite stream of product announcements

BlackBerry maker launches new products, apps and services at BlackBerry World, but has had to lower its forecast for the year
03 May 2011

A road warrior’s experience with the iPad

Tales from 10 months of trial and error
03 May 2011

Application and services for managing mobility

A guide to device management applications for mobile devices
19 Apr 2011

Implementing data security for multiple devices

How should firms tackle the question of IT support for devices brought into the workplace?
19 Apr 2011

IT chiefs to be spoilt for tablet choice

New tablet devices from RIM, HTC and Dell are about to hit the market
15 Apr 2011

Will smartphones and tablets herald the era of ubiquitous printing?

11 Apr 2011

RIM snaps up mobile app tool developer

BlackBerry maker acquires start-up firm tinyHippos
28 Mar 2011