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BlackBerry UK MD 10 claims all's well with BB10 despite price cuts

Blackberry MD for UK Rob Orr speaks to The INQUIRER
Rob Orr says firm is determined to differentiate itself 'on the middle ground'
07 Mar 2013

Z10 has hit the ground running, says BlackBerry

BlackBerry Z10
Strong demand for new device despite its shortcomings
06 Feb 2013

Analysis: Sleeping phone giants stir from their slumber

Having all underperformed in 2012, BlackBerry, HTC and Nokia are desperate to regain momentum and mount a serious challenge to market leaders Apple and Samsung. Danny Palmer and Stuart Sumner assess their chances
05 Feb 2013

RIM renamed, launches BlackBerry 10 OS and two smartphones in UK tomorrow

'Builds on and betters' everything before, says CEO Heins
30 Jan 2013

4G launch could see mobile makers sued by software firms, says lawyer

Handset makers must heed lessons of RIM's dispute with Visto after the 3G auction
24 Jan 2013

RIM shares reach 13-month high

Rise comes after licensing comments from CEO Thorsten Heins
22 Jan 2013

RIM could license out BlackBerry 10, says CEO

Thorsten Heins wants Canadian firm's new OS to show its potential first
21 Jan 2013

Video: Business applications on the move

Magic Software demonstrates the increasing use of business applications on mobile devices
17 Jan 2013

Facebook adds free calls for US iPhone users

Feature may be rolled out in the UK and on Android
17 Jan 2013

BlackBerry Vodafone outage caused by router error - UPDATED

Second major outage in four months sees RIM blame Vodafone for loss of service
11 Jan 2013

RIM sells cloud firm NewBay at a $44.5m loss

Canadian firm offloads cloud capabilities ahead of make-or-break BlackBerry 10 launch
04 Jan 2013

2012: The year in devices and endpoint

The rise of BYOD, the fall of RIM and the bet-hedging of Microsoft
18 Dec 2012

BlackBerry 10 SDK goes gold as images of upcoming smartphone appear on web

BlackBerry-L appears to be fully touch-screen
13 Dec 2012

Mobile browsers unsafe say researchers

Even security experts unable to tell if they are visiting dangerous websites
07 Dec 2012

RIM shares up again after Goldman Sachs upgrades rating to 'buy'

Firm positive about the chances of upcoming BlackBerry 10
30 Nov 2012

BlackBerry returns from the dead

Stocks rise 17.3 per cent as influential analysts resurrect hopes about new devices
23 Nov 2012

Another US agency drops BlackBerrys in favour of iPhones

RIM devices to be replaced by iPhones
21 Nov 2012

Analysis: mobile development migraine

Enterprises looking to develop mobile applications for staff, partners or customers face a number of headache-inducing challenges
13 Nov 2012

BlackBerry 10: The answer to BYOD, claims BlackBerry

Take two smartphones to work? Not with BlackBerry, says RIM's Jeff Holleran
08 Nov 2012

Three-quarters of smartphones sold run on Android

Android market share reaches 75 per cent in the third quarter of 2012
02 Nov 2012

US government agency drops BlackBerrys for iPhones

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement to order 17,600 mobiles from Apple
24 Oct 2012

RIM reports another loss-making quarter but remains positive

The BlackBerry smartphone producer suffered a smaller-than-predicted Q2 loss of $235m
28 Sep 2012

Wozniak: Flash is the future for storage

Spinning disk vendors face RIM-like decline, says Apple founder
25 Sep 2012

Vodafone: 'All BlackBerry services have gone down'

Service outages confirmed by RIM, but company 'not sure' of extent
21 Sep 2012