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Three-quarters of public sector networks plagued by inefficiency, claims report

A bored businessman asleep in front of his computer
Study by Easynet Global Services finds poor bandwidth hinders mission-critical applications and productivity
05 Sep 2013

Microsoft Surface enjoying a 'surge in demand' from public sector, says Phoenix Software

Enquiries up 40 per cent since Microsoft allowed vendor to start selling to schools, colleges and other public sector bodies
30 Aug 2013

Are you smarter than a 16 year old? The new Computer Science GCSE put to the test

EdExcel sample questions show a range of skills will be put to the test
23 Aug 2013

A-Level results show IT school study uptake still “disappointing”, says Oracle

However economics, maths and chemistry study are up as STEM popularity rises
15 Aug 2013

75 per cent of government IT budgets rising or flat, says Gartner report

But still not enough emphasis on security, says FireEye
14 Aug 2013

How many people wanna kick some ass? #twittersilence wasn't the answer - thicker skins are

No matter where you threaten to stick your spade, you won't scare me off the internet so easily
05 Aug 2013

Culture secretary urges councils to reveal broadband plans

Maria Miller wants residents and businesses to know what broadband speeds to expect in the near future
29 Jul 2013

Gove promises 'more rigorous and interesting' ICT curriculum that 'captures the imagination of girls'

'I fully recognise that too few girls study ICT or computing' says education minister
25 Jul 2013

DfE will not 'dictate' specifics on e-learning ICT resources, says Gove

Education minister will not 'wade in' over resources or teaching methods to assist teachers’ transition to new curriculum
25 Jul 2013

'No one knows precisely what skills children will need in the future,' says Michael Gove

After new curriculum guidelines, is education secretary still hedging his bets?
24 Jul 2013

Analysis: can Cameron win his war on online porn?

The prime minster's speech yesterday promised a UK freed from the apparent dangers of adult material. But can such censorship really be achieved?
23 Jul 2013

No BlackBerry 10 for Southern Health until platform proves itself

'More demand for Android and Apple' says security manager
19 Jul 2013

BT acting like a 'vampire death-squid' in rural broadband market

Telecoms giant accused of monopolistic tactics by rivals
18 Jul 2013

ICO fines NHS Surrey £200,000 after 3,000 patient records sold on eBay

Failure to do due diligence on a new data destruction provider comes back to haunt Trust
12 Jul 2013

South Lanarkshire Council looking for IT security provider in £1m tender

Scottish council wants 24/7 threat detection as part of software and services package
09 Jul 2013

New ICT curriculum 'too focused on development side of computing' says Corporate IT Forum

Digital skills targets remain 'woolly' says BSI education committee chairman
09 Jul 2013

Post Office admits computer system at centre of sub-postmaster prosecutions had bugs

However PO says probe into Horizon software justifies its 'confidence in the overall system'
09 Jul 2013

'Passing on core knowledge' should not be central aim of ICT curriculum reforms, says former Naace chair

Curiosity and creativity also hugely important to ICT teaching, says Berry
08 Jul 2013

We’ve got some great people, but 'pretty shoddy tech' admits Cabinet Office

And the government is still paying through the nose for it, says Cabinet Office CTO
03 Jul 2013

Office of Fair Trading to investigate the supply of IT hardware and services to public sector

OFT calls for submissions from buyers and suppliers - 13 August 2013 deadline
03 Jul 2013

Apple received 5,000 data requests from Prism in last six months

10,000 accounts affected by US government information demands, reveals company
17 Jun 2013

Prism and Facebook agree on public data collection transparency after 10K requests in six months

Company can communicate figures “only in aggregate and as a range”, says Facebook lawyer
17 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: 'We’ve been failed by our suppliers' says BYOD project lead, Cambridgeshire CC

Solution suppliers are not offering enough choice, agree IT leaders
11 Jun 2013

Law-abiding UK citizens have 'nothing to fear' from GCHQ snooping, says Hague

Claims that government broke the law to gather data are 'nonsense' says foreign secretary
10 Jun 2013