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Agile coding: a primer

DotDigital's Andrew Fox
An essential guide to the theory, benefits and risks behind agile development, and insight from the IT leaders who are using the approach
21 Jun 2011

Fraud-busting tech saves government £12m

HMRC uses savings from renegotiated IT contract to invest in data analysis tools
08 Jun 2011

UK IT Industry Awards: Success breeds success at MSM

Computing Awards audience at the venue
Luke Lang of MSM Software talks about how success in the UK IT Industry Awards’ Environmental Project of the Year category gave his firm’s profile a major boost
31 May 2011

Google Apps satisfies EAT's appetite for growth

Food chain's staff access productivity suite using Android devices from HTC
27 May 2011

Agile development: key questions for IT leaders

24 May 2011

Encouraging agility

19 May 2011

IT Leaders interview: Clifford Burroughs, CIO, United Biscuits

United Biscuits' CIO talks about building management skills for cloud computing
18 May 2011

Government warned of pitfalls that could derail its ICT strategy

Leading IT pundit tells ministers what to look out for
17 May 2011

NPfIT work put on hold until reports are released

CSC contract to upgrade NHS systems may yet be scrapped, PM says
13 May 2011

HMRC chief says tax code data is almost totally accurate

Acting director general personal tax Stephen Banyard also acknowledges risks associated with RTI system
12 May 2011

West End theatre hails Casio EPoS system's performance

Casio QT-6600 and MicroTill rock The Dominion
10 May 2011

Government offers £1m boost to Silicon Roundabout tech companies

Technology Strategy Board will select 10 East London tech companies to share the windfall
09 May 2011

Flashy web sites shouldn’t cost customers

Make sure the back end of your web site can deliver what the front end promises
09 May 2011

Kingston University uses RES Software tools to manage mixed Windows infrastructure

Software allows users to access XP and Windows 7 apps
04 May 2011

Exclusive: De Vere Group IT director Jo Stanford on moving business functions to the cloud

Says shift to the cloud was like "passing on a headache"
22 Apr 2011

Easter Backbytes: Tales from the lighter side of IT

Meet the computer that hates messing things up and find why a store in Japan only wants to serve shiny happy people
21 Apr 2011

WANdisco integrates social networking with source code management

Social networking collides with application lifecycle management
21 Apr 2011

Arcadia deploys cloud-based project management tool from CA

CA Clarity PPM will give the retail giant better visibility of projects across its seven brands
21 Apr 2011

For cloud users, failure is an option

IT leader says cloud is great because it means he can try, fail and move on quickly
21 Apr 2011

Business gets the software it deserves

19 Apr 2011

It’s all in the timing

19 Apr 2011

Lizamoon: will lessons be learned?

The recent massive SQL injection attack was a stark reminder of how slack coding practices can have sometimes devastating consequences
19 Apr 2011

The PC that feels regret

19 Apr 2011

Tech Talk news 27: Analysis - Crown Representatives

This week's debate - Are Francis Maude's (pictured) Crown Representatives an evolution for public IT procurement?
18 Apr 2011