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Opinion: NPfIT - a chronicle of a death foretold

Nurses doing administrative work
After three damning reports the NHS IT programme is finally put out of its misery. So now what?
23 Sep 2011

Air France-KLM deploys Progress Actional to boost application visibility

airplane jet hedge aviation airport plane jet jetfuel aeroplane
Airline's Gershon Janssen outlines the challenges the company faced during implementation
23 Sep 2011

Data consolidation case study: British Transport Police

A British Transport Police patrol
How 40TB of data from 148 sites has been consolidated into a single storage area network at the British Transport Police’s primary datacentre in Camden
22 Sep 2011

HMRC develops risk management tool

Other government departments are keen to learn from HMRC's in-house agile development project
21 Sep 2011

FiReControl slammed as one of the biggest IT failures in years

Commons spending watchdog says project was 'fatally undermined from the start' and that heads should have rolled
20 Sep 2011

Spending watchdog sniffs trouble with DWP's flagship IT project

Public Accounts Committee report highlights concerns about the Universal Credit System project
15 Sep 2011

New UK benefits structure depends on "high risk" IT projects

Parliamentary spending watchdog warns that any IT delays could wipe out projected savings
13 Sep 2011

Mindjet aims MindManager 2012 at collaborative workspace management

MindManager 2012 allows users to store their 'mind maps' in the cloud
12 Sep 2011

Six steps to successful business process management

Organisations are turning to business process management to drive cost-savings and efficiency
09 Sep 2011

Agile could have saved NPfIT

05 Sep 2011

Computer aided or computer dependent?

02 Sep 2011

Highland Council £66m IT upgrade beset by problems

Councillors up in arms about slow progress of Fujitsu-run upgrade programme
19 Aug 2011

The NEC and CERN give their LANs a boost

How the National Exhibition Centre and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research are future-proofing their network infrastructures
03 Aug 2011

Agile development at Net a Porter

Richard Lloyd-Williams, head of group IT, tells Computing about his firm's adoption of the agile methodology of software development
21 Jul 2011

Camwood launches cloud service for application management

Application Lifecycle Manager will help Tube Lines upgrade the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly underground lines
12 Jul 2011

IT Industry Awards: A small IT team looks back on its big success

Last year’s Small IT Department of the Year is hungry for more recognition
06 Jul 2011

£752m of MoD kit goes AWOL

Inadequate stock tracking systems result in major security risks and red faces all round
05 Jul 2011

IT Leaders: Tech skills key to harnessing social media

The growing trend for businesses to use social media tools to engage with customers is opening up new career opportunities for tech-savvy graduates
05 Jul 2011

How to nip IT problems in the bud

IT teams that fail to monitor their systems are storing up trouble for themselves
22 Jun 2011

Pioneering CIOs create new revenue streams

CIOs must innovate and seek out new sources of revenue
22 Jun 2011

Resuscitating NHS IT

21 Jun 2011

Dispatches from the frontline of agile coding

Two UK businesses have already made the transition to agile development
21 Jun 2011

Anatomy of an agile development project

Making the transition to agile development requires discipline
21 Jun 2011

The reality behind the philosophy

How frustrations with traditional development approaches gave rise to agile techniques
21 Jun 2011