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SIREN: an alarm call for agile?

There have often been predictions of a significant agile development failure. Does this mean agile is doomed to fail? Lawyers from DLA Piper debate the issue
18 Aug 2014

The 'Don't knows' are running UK IT

Computing Research reveals that significant numbers of IT leaders can't answer basic questions about their jobs
01 Jul 2014

Delays in IT programmes - what to do when things go wrong - Part 2

Simon Kenyon, partner and head of IT litigation at DLA Piper, and Philip Hay-Jahans, senior manager at Boxwood continue their advice on what to do when IT programmes run into trouble
09 Jun 2014

Delays in IT programmes - what to do when things go wrong

Simon Kenyon, partner and head of IT litigation at DLA Piper, and Philip Hay-Jahans, senior manager at Boxwood, explain how to investigate the causes of project delays
05 Jun 2014

‘Team Snappy’ improves agility at the FT

Development team focused on quick turnarounds deploys over 100 changes per day at Financial Times
16 May 2014

Meet the IT troubleshooters

For some, being an interim CIO – rather than a permanent CIO – is a career choice. Graeme Burton talks to three “career CIOs” to find out why they do it
29 Apr 2014

MPs label BBC's Digital Media Initiative a "complete failure"

Public Accounts Committee says BBC "was far too complacent about the high risks involved" in £100m IT project
10 Apr 2014

Former BBC CTO John Linwood to take legal action over his sacking

Linwood defends his role in failed £100m Digital Media Initiative project
30 Jan 2014

Smart meters: an IT disaster waiting to happen?

Smart meters are finally ready to roll out across the UK. But is the selected system ‘the next major government IT disaster’?
10 Jan 2014

PwC delivers damning report into failed £100m BBC digital initiative

Digitisation project poorly managed from director general Mark Thompson downwards, claims PwC
18 Dec 2013

Budge up CIO, make room for the chief data officer

The drive to create value out of data means a new executive role - the CDO - is needed, says Mario Faria of ServiceSource
13 Dec 2013

Top 10 public sector IT stories of 2013

Computing examines the biggest stories in public sector IT in 2013
11 Dec 2013

Disaster at DWP: the full interview with DWP’s former employee

A former DWP consultant speaks exclusively to Computing’s Sooraj Shah about the IT project management issues that continue to plague the department
25 Nov 2013

Government needs to fire suppliers who waste 'billions of pounds' on failed projects, says former DWP employee

There are no SLAs in place and confusion as to who the customer is, says ex-consultant
18 Nov 2013

Government IT project beset by management problems, delays, and technical complications

Nick Kennell, principal and public sector lead at transformation consultancy Moorhouse, explains why the government fails at project management
01 Nov 2013

Fighting fire with data at Scottish Fire and Rescue

Peter Gothard reports on how Scotland’s new centralised fire and rescue service is harnessing data visualisation technology to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency
30 Oct 2013

IBM barred from Australian state after presiding over 16,000 per cent overspend on payroll project

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM? They might do: Queensland bars IBM from new contracts 'until it improves its governance and contracting practices' after £695m payroll debacle
07 Aug 2013

Warwickshire County Council reduces overheads and downtime with Hornbill Supportworks

Hornbill IT service management system selected ahead of Marval; still preferred ahead of SaaS alternatives
31 Jul 2013

Betting on QlikView pays off for Paddy Power

BI manager Conor McMenamin tells Danny Palmer how Qlikview’s business discovery platform has helped the bookmaker take advantage of real-time data
18 Apr 2013

Banking on co-operation: an interview with Co-op Banking Group's Andy Birds

Peter Gothard meets salesman-turned-applications manager Andy Birds, whose ability to speak the language of both technology and business has helped the Co-operative Banking Group to save £1.5m on service contracts
20 Mar 2013

Tablets earn their daily bread

Peter Gothard hears how spending a small amount of dough on a few tablets and a sprinkling of Android apps has helped Warburtons earn a bigger crust
05 Mar 2013

Greater London Authority seeks partner for ultrafast broadband rollout

GLA looking for supplier to enable London to become a 'super-connected city'
28 Feb 2013

Connecting the dots at HMRC

When HMRC was formed in 2005, its fraud detection systems were arguably far from cutting edge. However, a new system that can work with more data than ever – from different tax systems – is paying for itself many times over
21 Feb 2013

Secure communication, Camden-style

Peter Gothard reports on how a London borough’s attempt to build a secure email network snowballed into an initiative that might one day connect every council in the country
10 Jan 2013