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Cameron calls for more government internet surveillance powers following Charlie Hebdo attack

Prime Minister will revive controversial Snoopers' Charter, should the Conservatives win the general election
12 Jan 2015

Personal data should become private property, not Google's or GCHQ's, says David Davis MP

MPs struggling to catch up with technology allow Google and GCHQ to treat personal data as their own
16 Dec 2014

Japanese websites under attack by Chinese hackers over territorial dispute

At least 19 websites brought down over issue of Senkaku Islands
20 Sep 2012

Row breaks out in US over Stuxnet worm leaks

Republicans accuse White House of using malware leaks to bolster President’s image
06 Jun 2012

Maude to report on datacentre consolidation progress

Progress report due before the end of May detailing consolidation and carbon reduction plans
04 May 2012

IT leads the way in promoting social mobility

The tech sector is ahead of the game as government promotes internships
06 Apr 2011

Keep abreast of sexism issues

22 Mar 2011

US Senate to vote on patent reform

America Invents Act tackles some of the big issues of intellectual property regime
02 Mar 2011

Don’t mess with the people’s internet

The protests in Egypt and elsewhere show the power of the internet as a force for freedom
22 Feb 2011

Hung parliament will nix NGA rollout

Party differences will leave investors in a quandry
26 Nov 2009

Labour must use web to campaign, says Brown

Brown wants Obama-style web tactics for general election campaign
28 Sep 2009

The powers that Bebo

Political parties and public-sector bodies are increasingly turning to Web 2.0 and social networking technologies in a bid to build stronger links with citizens
08 Oct 2008