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Next Sony PlayStation 'could be based in the cloud', claims Sony vice president

Xbox One vs PS4
Or maybe not, if network latency isn't radically reduced in the next five years
23 Dec 2014

Hacker group Lizard Squad claims responsibility for Sony PlayStation Network outage

Hackers have disrupted access to Sony's Playstation website
Sony has once again seen its online services taken down by outsiders
08 Dec 2014

'Sony doesn't understand security': Why PlayStation Network is such an attractive target for hackers

Sony’s poor reputation for security and the prestige of taking down a gaming giant attracts hackers
27 Aug 2014

Sony wins the opening round of next-gen games console battle

Both Sony and Microsoft claim one million-plus sales – but Sony does so over fewer countries
25 Nov 2013

Microsoft's $2bn a year from Android patent licensing disguises big losses in Xbox, Skype and mobile – analyst

“Pure profit” from Android patent licensing covering up moribund Entertainment and Devices group, claims Nomura analyst
06 Nov 2013

Sony cuts 2013 profit forecast by 40 per cent

Tech giant expects to make only £190m for the year
31 Oct 2013

Sony drops appeal against £250,000 ICO fine for PlayStation hack

PS3 and PS4 manufacturer says it still disagrees with the fine, but won't continue to fight against it
15 Jul 2013

Build a spin-off entertainment arm, Third Point hedge fund urges Sony

Investor ups stake but lays down law to struggling electronics firm
18 Jun 2013

Microsoft takes on Sony PS4 with new Xbox One games console

Sony shares stage "relief rally" at missed opportunity by Microsoft
21 May 2013

Jordan unveils 25 teraflop supercomputer – based on Sony PlayStation 3 hardware

Twenty-five teraflop budget supercomputer now being used by Jordanian university
11 Mar 2013

PlayStation 4 videogames console announced by Sony

Multiplatform interfacing the focus for new home gaming system
21 Feb 2013

H4cked Off: ICO's Sony fine is nowt but a slap on the wrist

Is the ICO too scared or too lazy to take on the private sector?
24 Jan 2013

ICO fines Sony £250,000 for PlayStation Network hack

Record fine for April 2011 data breach. Sony plans to appeal
24 Jan 2013

Sharp predicts net annual loss of $5.6bn; doubts it can stay in business

Other Japanese electronics firms similarly troubled
01 Nov 2012

H4cked Off: Pity the CSO

Corporate giant seeks security professional. GSOH essential. Relationship may be extremely short-term...
10 Jun 2011

H4cked Off: OMGWTFBBQ!

Sony has failed in a variety of interesting ways since it was hacked. But does it actually matter?
20 May 2011

Sony admits it can't secure the PSN

Sony chief says he can't guarantee the security of anything that connects to the internet
18 May 2011