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Is the government finally going to walk the walk with open source?

After years of talking about vendor lock-in and cutting costs, Sooraj Shah asks whether Whitehall is finally fully embracing open standards
11 Feb 2014

HSBC, Nationwide, Santander to offer Zapp mobile payments

Mobile phone and credit card
Zapp users can pay by asking the retailer for a six-digit code, or using NFC or QR technology
15 Jan 2014

NHS Spine2: Q&A with Basho, the US developer behind Riak

surgeons at an operating table
Basho's software engineer Sean Cribbs and marketing manager Jeremy Hill answer questions on the new infrastructure
25 Oct 2013

NHS 'to benefit from agile development' with selection of open source database Riak for Spine2

Riak will replace Oracle's relational database, says Ovum analyst
11 Oct 2013

Apple profits fall for first time in ten years

Tim Cook announces $60bn share buyback to appease shareholders
24 Apr 2013

Infosys: Shortage of big data modellers as well as data scientists

Senior vice president says the firm needs both so its clients can benefit
01 Feb 2013

Facebook search tool popular with analysts, but not with investors

Share prices of social firm fall as monetisation strategy is not mentioned
16 Jan 2013

How the US elections could alter the trajectory of Silicon Valley

Tech giants split over which candidate would best serve their interests
06 Nov 2012

iPhone 5: the IT industry responds

Apple’s new smartphone provokes mixed reaction in the technology world, with some disappointed at the lack of NFC capability
13 Sep 2012

Google and Mozilla draw battle lines in mobile browser wars

Google will benefit from acquiring Sparrow, Mozilla can't succeed with new OS, says analyst
23 Jul 2012

Microsoft licensing costs destroy Windows Phone adoption

Ovum analyst claims Microsoft’s licensing costs are putting off phone manufacturers
23 Jul 2012

Analysts: Vodafone-O2 deal will save more than £1bn

Everything Everywhere calls on Ofcom to ensure deal is fair
07 Jun 2012

Vodafone and O2 merge network infrastructure to rival Everything Everywhere

Operators could speed-up 4G rollout but will still compete with each other
07 Jun 2012

Google acquires Quickoffice and Meebo

Google must keep acquiring to avoid stagnation, says Ovum's Tony Cripps
06 Jun 2012

Ovum: Politics causing public-sector IT projects to fail

NHS 111 programme shows 'immaturity of administration'
02 Jun 2012

Google Apps for Business awarded ISO 27001 certification

Others should follow Google's lead and engender greater confidence in the cloud, says Ovum
29 May 2012

Windows RT 'may have anti-trust implications', says Mozilla

Ovum: Biggest winners of API war could be Android
11 May 2012

Acquire data skills now, or pay big money for big data analysis

Buy-side IT professionals must adapt – or face paying big money to vendors to mine big data, says Ovum
30 Apr 2012

Google launches new cloud storage service (UPDATED)

Google Drive could spur on Facebook to make acquisition, says analyst
24 Apr 2012

Analysis: Is there a need for social analytics in the enterprise?

What is the role of social analytics in the enterprise and what are the barriers to deployment?
20 Jan 2012

Analysis: How other tablet makers can dent Apple's market share

Likes of Samsung and RIM should focus on enterprise features and innovative functionality, says Ovum analyst
05 Jan 2012

Analyst predicts offshore contact centres will come back into favour

Some 80 per cent of businesses have no plans to offshore their call centres, but this could change when the economy picks up
31 Oct 2011

Oracle acquires RightNow for £936m

So does this deal mean Oracle can now crush Salesforce? Not in the short term, says analyst
25 Oct 2011

Ovum says public cloud services market is about to explode

Global public cloud services market will be worth £42bn by 2016
30 Sep 2011