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Oracle chief architect moves to drop part of Java 8 to speed up release

Java logo
“Project Jigsaw” may be deferred to Java 9 in 2015
19 Jul 2012

Oracle buys social media platform company Involver

New Oracle building with logo
Social markup language developer sells out to software giant, increasing rivalry between Oracle and
11 Jul 2012

Ellison Island

04 Jul 2012

Head in the clouds

04 Jul 2012

Sale of ‘second-hand’ software licences legal, rules European court

European Court of Justice: EULAs prohibiting software resale unenforceable
03 Jul 2012

Google settles Oracle API dispute for $0

But reports suggest Oracle is likely to appeal
21 Jun 2012

Legacy Oracle apps users look to alternatives, including cloud

Oracle Fusion a “trigger event for sales engagement” says SuccessFactors vice president
14 Jun 2012

SAP is the fastest-growing database vendor in 2011 - IDC

Forty-four per cent growth due to application and SAP HANA tie-ins
12 Jun 2012

Ellison debuts Oracle Cloud – rebadged strategy of 100+ hosted apps

Ellison renames the cloud after Oracle, finishing giant marketing u-turn towards what he calls 'modern computing'
06 Jun 2012

Oracle buys Collective Intellect to expand social CRM technology

Purchase pits Oracle head-to-head, once again, with Salesforce
06 Jun 2012

Vendor focus: Fusion reactor (UPDATED)

Oracle's Fusion strategy in the spotlight as a former executive warns that the enterprise giant is struggling to remain relevant – despite its new cloud focus
06 Jun 2012 makes a £447m Buddy with social acquisition

Social media management becomes focus for new breed of marketers as cloud platform buys Buddy Media
05 Jun 2012

Opinion: How to unleash your firm’s hidden powers

There has never been a better time to tap into in-memory analytics expertise
04 Jun 2012

William Grant rolls out IFS in one-year ERP consolidation project

No business case required for £1bn drinks company
02 Jun 2012

Google found not guilty of infringing copyright on Oracle’s Java APIs

Java-savvy judge sets new precedent as Android is declared totally legal
01 Jun 2012

Oracle buys cloud marketer Vitrue for $300m

Acquisition pits Oracle against Salesforce, once again
24 May 2012

Jury rejects Oracle patent-infringement claims against Google

Jury unanimous over two patents - but Oracle may appeal
24 May 2012

Oracle is clutching at straws

24 May 2012

SAP agrees $4.3bn deal for Ariba

SAP to target Salesforce and Workday, according to leaked memo
23 May 2012

Judge limits Google's liability in Oracle Java case

Result of latest round in Google versus Oracle far from clear cut
11 May 2012

Google breached Oracle's copyright - in theory, says jury (UPDATED)

Jurors unable to agree whether Google usage of Java APIs constitutes fair use of Oracle's code
08 May 2012

Oracle loses its biggest Siebel implementation to SugarCRM

IBM dumps Siebel for open source alternative with cloud pedigree
02 May 2012

Oracle barred from lucrative US Federal Government contracts

Computer giant thrown off federal government software and services procurement programme following over-charging dispute
23 Apr 2012

Oracle vs Google: Judge to rule on API copyright, not jury

Battle lines drawn in $1bn copyright suggest Oracle has a case, but it is not watertight
23 Apr 2012