Latest Optical Fibre articles

“Businesses are quite a few years away from needing FTTH broadband,” claims UK manufacturer

Arcol UK has connected to fibre-to-the-home, but believes it could still operate with fibre-to-the-cabinet
11 Nov 2013

House of Lords select committee slams UK broadband rollout

Fibre broadband image
Rural areas left behind as government is said to be preoccupied with broadband speed
31 Jul 2012

BT gets superfast Welsh broadband contract

96 per cent of country to have connections up to 80Mbps by 2015
20 Jul 2012

Austerity measures threaten innovation outside cities, says report

UK ranks with Belgium in EU innovation league
09 Feb 2012

New fibre-optic link to help Dundee Council to downsize

Completed project is part of a £270m reinvigoration of the city
12 Sep 2011

Tibco system speeds up financial trading

Application messaging system aims to cut network latency to less than half a micro-second
28 Mar 2011

Battle for the datacentre

Can Juniper Networks beat Cisco with Project Stratus?
24 Feb 2011

Juniper Networks targets Cisco market with QFabric datacentre technology

New tecnology designed to improve network switching to flatten tiered datacentre infrastructures
23 Feb 2011

UK below 'emerging markets' in European optical fibre league

FTTH Council Europe says mature markets like UK and Germany need to speed up optical fibre rollout
10 Feb 2011