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Joe Belfiore and the 'house renovation project' that is Windows 10

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore
Computing sits down with the Microsoft vice president of PC, tablet and phone to go in-depth about Windows 10's promise for the enterprise
29 Oct 2014

‘I almost don’t care what’s in Windows 9,’ says JLT CIO as Microsoft prepares to unveil new OS

TechEd 2014 Microsoft logo
Microsoft expected to reveal its successor to the rather unpopular Windows 8 today
30 Sep 2014

Microsoft: Windows 9 'technology preview' to be unveiled on 30 September

Windows 9: Out goes the 'charms bar'; in comes the 'mini start menu'
22 Aug 2014

Backbytes: The long, slow death of Windows XP

Windows XP is slowly dying out, according to the web-stat counters – but it's Windows 7 people want, not Windows 8
04 Aug 2014

'Unconnected' XP machines just as dangerous as networked ones, argues Coalfire consultant

'It doesn’t face the internet' is a flawed argument by KPMG, says Andrew Barratt
28 Feb 2014

Microsoft Windows 9 slated for April 2015 release

Codenamed 'Threshold', Microsoft appears keen to distance the release from Windows 8
14 Jan 2014

Windows 8.1 globally available today

Free update for Microsoft’s flagship OS downloadable now
17 Oct 2013

CIO Interview: Adrian Collinson, Force India Formula One team

Force India CIO Adrian Collinson explains to Computing how the Formula 1 team gets the most bang for its IT buck, both at the circuit and back at the factory
29 Aug 2013

Facebook founder Zuckerberg launches to make internet available to all

Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Opera and MediaTek also involved in Facebook-led initiative
21 Aug 2013

MWC: What can Firefox OS offer to the smartphone market?

Mozilla explains how its new mobile platform will affect the market, and the enterprise user
06 Mar 2013

H4cked Off: Valve's Team Fortress 2 freebies are good news for Linux

It may sound strange, but giving players a virtual penguin could draw them to Linux in droves
18 Feb 2013

Windows 8 mobile devices authorised for use by Pentagon employees

US Department of Defense tells Computing agreement means Windows 8 can be installed on any device
14 Jan 2013

Jolla finally unveils Sailfish – a Linux-based rival to Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Sailfish offers 'usability and speed-­of-­use to a totally new level, unseen in the mobile industry'. Really?
21 Nov 2012

Three-quarters of smartphones sold run on Android

Android market share reaches 75 per cent in the third quarter of 2012
02 Nov 2012

The business benefits of open source and social technologies

Clint Oram, CTO and co-founder of SugarCRM explains how open source can adapt to fit established procurement methodologies
17 Sep 2012

Google and Mozilla draw battle lines in mobile browser wars

Google will benefit from acquiring Sparrow, Mozilla can't succeed with new OS, says analyst
23 Jul 2012

Microsoft posts first ever quarterly loss

But software giant's share price rises
20 Jul 2012

HP turns to open source community to keep WebOS going

Software acquired in 2010 for £770m will now be released for free, in another departure from previous CEO Apotheker's strategy
12 Dec 2011

Crash Podcast: UK IT Awards, Silicon Roundabout and Fedora

In this week's Crash we discuss the success of Computing's awards, the government's involvement in silicon roundabout, and the latest iteration of the Fedora community OS
11 Nov 2011

Review: Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 introduces a new touch-screen interface and App Store software delivery model
24 Oct 2011

Ubuntu prepares for ARM-based servers

Linux vendor launches new version of its client and server software, upgrades its cloud capabilities, and previews ARM-based server operating system
10 Oct 2011

Review: Microsoft Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft attempts to dethrone the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems
06 Oct 2011

First Look: Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview

Microsoft's Developer Preview of Windows 8 shows Jekyll and Hyde characteristics - but it is early days
23 Sep 2011

Linux repository attacked by cyber criminals has suffered a security breach, and a trojan was added to the system startup scripts
01 Sep 2011