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Opera co-founder von Tetzchner offers Icelandic encrypted file storage service

jon-von-tetzchner 'a safer alternative' for those worried by NSA surveillance
03 Feb 2014

Facebook founder Zuckerberg launches to make internet available to all

Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, Opera and MediaTek also involved in Facebook-led initiative
21 Aug 2013

Microsoft fined €561m by EC antitrust regulators

Microsoft logo at its Redmond headquarters
Corporation penalised after breaking previous commitment to provide users with browser choice
06 Mar 2013

Opera aquires mobile video optimiser Skyfire

Deal for Californian firm worth up to $155m
15 Feb 2013

Opera reaches 300 million users, drops Presto for WebKit

Browser provider drops home-grown engine in favour of that used by Apple and Google
13 Feb 2013

Microsoft to face new investigation by European Commission

Software company failed to abide by 2009 'browser choice' commitment
18 Jul 2012