Latest Openreach articles

Ordnance Survey agrees £23m deal with BT Openreach to supply data products and services

The companies have been working together since the mid 1990s
23 Apr 2014

Case study: Windows 8 answers BT’s efficiency call

BT man with Windows 8 Toughbook
BT’s Peter Scott gives Danny Palmer the inside story behind the company’s decision to equip 6,000 Openreach engineers with Windows 8 mobile computers
21 Feb 2013

BT Openreach reveals eight locations for FTTH pilot

Red fibre broadband strands image
Parts of Watford, Cardiff and Manchester to gain access to 330Mbit/s broadband
27 Jun 2012

Rutland County Council signs £3m fibre broadband deal with BT

At least 90 per cent of rural council to gain access to fibre by 2013
16 May 2012

BT picks Oxfordshire village for first fibre-only exchange pilot

Homes and businesses in Deddington to get access to superfast broadband
30 Mar 2012

BT considers appeal against reduced Openreach prices

Ofcom's proposed price caps on BT Openreach receive all-clear by European Commission
08 Mar 2012

BT considers appeal against proposed infrastructure price caps

Ofcom wants Openreach to charge less for accessing its lines
06 Feb 2012

BT will add 178 exchanges to fibre deployment programme

The exchanges will help the company reach its target of superfast broadband to two-thirds of premises by 2014
13 Dec 2011

BT speeds up fibre broadband rollout

Telco is recruiting more engineers in bid to hit its fast broadband target one year early
31 Oct 2011

BT trials white spaces technology for broadband

Openreach is hoping the technology can assist homes without access to broadband
14 Jun 2011

BT Openreach to cut cost of broadband infrastructure access

Reduction expected after completion of field trials
27 Apr 2011

Ofcom proposes reduction in wholesale prices for BT broadband

Businesses and consumers could benefit if savings were passed on
31 Mar 2011

BT reveals pricing proposals for duct and pole access

Following an industry consultation, BT's Openreach has said it will launch the service this summer
14 Jan 2011

BT steps up apprenticeship scheme

200 more positions offered as BT focuses on rolling out fibre broadband via Openreach
25 Oct 2010

Openreach wants comms providers to nominate exchanges for upgrade

It's a broadband beauty contest, says analyst.
03 Sep 2010

BT to rollout FTTC to 303 new exchanges

Meaning four million customers will have fibre connections
30 Mar 2010

Ofcom mulls changes to broadband pricing to help cover BT pension costs

Regulator may allow Openreach to bump up wholesale broadband charges
02 Dec 2009

BT doubles fibre-to-the-premises rollout

2.5 million homes and businesses to get direct fibre connections
09 Oct 2009

BT announces fibre-to-the-premises trial

But UK still lags in fibre to the home compared to other OECD countries
01 Oct 2009

BT trial takes broadband to remote areas

SHDSL technology allows services to be provided up to 12km from local exchange
15 Sep 2009

BT's fibre-optic broadband rollout starts today

Openreach fibre product being trialled by ISPs in Muswell Hill, North London, and Whitchurch near Cardiff
06 Jul 2009

Next phase of BT's superfast broadband rollout starts on Monday

More than one million homes will be able to access next-generation, fibre-based services by March 2010
02 Jul 2009

Ofcom starts last stage before high-speed broadband rollout

Final consultation commences on BT’s multibillion-pound fibre-optic network plans
12 Jun 2009

Q&A: Kamran Heydari, BT business ICT general manager, on next-generation broadband

BT has a pivotal role in the deployment of next-generation communication infrastructure for the UK. What can businesses expect from the vendor?
06 May 2009