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‘Irresponsible and senseless’ Paddy Power says 650,000 users’ details were stolen in 2010

Online gambling firm waited four years to tell customers because it hadn't 'detected any suspicious activity' on customers' accounts
01 Aug 2014

Mobile gambling 'will become legal across the whole of the EU'

dealing cards
Intralot’s head of information security believes it is inevitable that all countries will agree on a legal framework for online gambling
12 Jun 2013

Antigua seeks WTO permission to host piracy website

dealing cards
Copyright-free website in retaliation against US extra-territorial laws against online gambling
28 Jan 2013

Animal lovers go hunting for Japanese game

16 Oct 2012

Analysis: Online gamblers risk losing their identity

Online gambling sites play fast and loose with customers’ personal data, say privacy campaigners. So why isn’t the ICO doing something about it?
20 Aug 2012

Online gambling industry 'ignores' data protection and privacy laws

Privacy International founder blasts gambling companies over privacy and data protection – and the ICO for failing to take action
06 Aug 2012