Latest OfCom articles

EU's national comms regulators clock in to BEREC

New EU telecoms regulatory body's first decision concerns where it should meet
29 Jan 2010

Infrastructure and technology: Review of the year

Computing's reviews editor, Dave Bailey, gives his highlights of 2009
17 Dec 2009

Ofcom mulls changes to broadband pricing to help cover BT pension costs

Regulator may allow Openreach to bump up wholesale broadband charges
02 Dec 2009

London 2012 set for wireless-enabled Olympics

Ofcom plan aims to ensure availability of radio spectrum for thousands of applications needed during the events
19 Oct 2009

UK set for major mobile broadband boost

Government auction of radio spectrum freed up by TV digital switchover paves way for new high-speed services
16 Oct 2009

Ofcom launches Digital Participation Consortium

New group is latest stage in Digital Britain plan to get more people online
15 Oct 2009

"Try before you buy" mobile deals could be on the way

Ofcom urged to work with mobile providers to overcome issues around network coverage
06 Oct 2009

Group insists all consumers must benefit from Digital Britain vision

Communications Consumer Panel says next-gen broadband rollout cannot be left to market alone
10 Sep 2009

Act now to end the high cost of calling mobiles

UK businesses have to waste precious funds on inflated calling costs. David Harrington wants your help to stop this
20 Aug 2009

Unbundled broadband exceeds six million connections

Ofcom hails success of 2005 agreement with BT to open up local access
11 Aug 2009

Businesses reluctant to give up fixed-line connections

But Ofcoms report shows mobile revenue from companies growing as fixed-line spending falls
06 Aug 2009

Ofcom to consult on next-generation networks

BT's revised plans mean regulator must look again at competition
31 Jul 2009

Will Digital Britain survive the next election?

Experts at a London forum examined the question marks over the future of the government's vital strategy
10 Jul 2009

After Digital Britain – now it's Digital Europe

EU commissioner Viviane Reding says strategy would make economic recovery in Europe quicker
10 Jul 2009

Ofcom to look into 3G mobile broadband service quality

Watchdog to research connection speeds and try to overcome problem of mobile "not-spots"
08 Jul 2009

Tories want to scrap telecoms watchdog Ofcom

David Cameron would get rid of regulator, just as Labour looks to increase its remit
06 Jul 2009

Mobile operator consolidation – good for businesses?

Would businesses gain anything from consolidation in the mobile network operator market?
30 Jun 2009

Vodafone mulls T-Mobile bid

Mobile operator Vodafone aims at UK number one slot with possible bid for rival, say reports
29 Jun 2009

Ofcom starts last stage before high-speed broadband rollout

Final consultation commences on BT’s multibillion-pound fibre-optic network plans
12 Jun 2009

One in five offline citizens want to get internet this year

Ofcom research highlights reasons why 30 per cent of adult population have yet to opt for broadband web access
10 Jun 2009

Ofcom unveils Olympic wireless plans

UK regulator details how radio spectrum will be used during London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
27 May 2009

Government to appoint digital champion

More people to be encouraged to use online services
24 Mar 2009

BT announces next super-fast broadband rollouts

Next locations in line for fibre connectivity announced, but BT says it needs more regulatory "green lights" from Ofcom
23 Mar 2009

Ofcom consultations could trigger quadplay price war

BT could be allowed to offer bundled phone lines and calls with broadband and pay-TV services.
19 Mar 2009