Latest OfCom articles

Ofcom can fine companies that generate silent calls £2m

Silent calls made by computer-controlled telecommunications systems can scare vulnerable customers
15 Sep 2010

Switching ISPs "too much hassle" say nearly half of consumers

Ofcom says "gaining provider" should be responsible for service switching
10 Sep 2010

Government delays publishing results of online piracy consultation

Ofcom waits on Department for Business, Innovation & Skills consultation results on ISP cost sharing
07 Sep 2010

Digital divide between Wales and rest of UK narrows

High proportion of mobile-only households
19 Aug 2010

Rural broadband providers welcome BT agreement to release data

Telecoms giant to supply postcodes of areas earmarked for superfast broadband
04 Aug 2010

BT mulls bid for mobile broadband radio spectrum

But a move into the mobile arena is not high on its list of priorities
03 Aug 2010

BT to oppose Ofcom on pension deficit payments

Telecom giant says it will take action on the issue
02 Aug 2010

Ofcom must conduct the spectrum auction as soon as possible, says Vaizey

Radio spectrum auction could be used to boost UK-wide 2Mbit/s broadband rollout
28 Jul 2010

Ofcom slams ISPs for exaggerated broadband speed claims

New code of practice for ISPs planned by the regulator
27 Jul 2010

Ofcom forbids BT from raising prices to offset pensions deficit

Charging ISPs extra for wholesale services has been outlawed
26 Jul 2010

Ofcom outsources ICT to Logica

UK comms regulator says it will save £1.5m per year
21 Jul 2010

Universal broadband delay will result in little more than dial-up speeds

Experts criticise the three-year delay
20 Jul 2010

Building a valid Digital Economy

BT and TalkTalk are trying to repeal the Digital Economy Act, the House of Lords has requested the power to review the legislation and Ofcom still doesn’t know exactly how to make it work
16 Jul 2010

Ofcom opens debate on net neutrality

Calls for views on internet traffic management
24 Jun 2010

Ofcom looking to boost its IT skills

Regulatory body puts out tender for training in IT
21 Jun 2010

Ofcom calls time on BT's mobile termination rates

BT also set to repay charges retrospectively, and with interest
14 Jun 2010

Ofcom report – a step towards opening BT's infrastructure

Report gives series of recommendations to create a workable model
26 May 2010

Ireland targets illegal file sharers for internet termination

It is the first country to implement such a procedure
26 May 2010

UK broadband minister to be introduced this week

Government to announce new role to tackle internet issues
19 May 2010

Ofcom to cut landline-to-mobile call charges

But plan is likely to meet resistance from big operators
01 Apr 2010

BT and Sky "disappointed" by Ofcom pay TV probe findings

Boost for BT's IPTV service as regulator says Sky must reduce sports channels' prices
31 Mar 2010

ISPs not candid on broadband speeds for customers

Ofcom set to tighten its code of practice on broadband speeds
29 Mar 2010

ISPs may pay dearly for hole in BT's pension fund

Competitors livid at prospect of BT raising wholesale charges to make up for shortfall
01 Mar 2010

Mobile operators seek Ofcom permission to boost 3G services

Ofcom consults on a mobile operator 3G base station transmission power increase
09 Feb 2010