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Nokia and Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 8-based Lumia smartphones

Nokia Lumia 820 red and yellow
Feature-packed Lumia 920 offers wireless charging, PureView camera and real-time, location-based information services
05 Sep 2012

Analysis: Nokia Lumia 920 ‘leaks’ show wireless charging stations and new case design

More rumours appear before Nokia-Microsoft launch on Wednesday
04 Sep 2012

Foxconn shares fall following $226m net loss

Smartphone manufacturer for Nokia, Motorola and Sony blames 'sluggish' orders
28 Aug 2012

Apple's success forced 'crisis of design' on Samsung

Samsung switched competitive focus from Nokia to Apple
07 Aug 2012

Telco suppliers go from boom to bust

Why are the big telecoms equipment vendors struggling in the age of IP?
06 Aug 2012

Crash Podcast: Nokia, Office 2013, Windows 8 & patent disputes

Crash is the regular IT news podcast from Computing
31 Jul 2012

Microsoft licensing costs destroy Windows Phone adoption

Ovum analyst claims Microsoft’s licensing costs are putting off phone manufacturers
23 Jul 2012

Nokia paying Microsoft $60 per Windows Phone royalty

Potentially crippling cost of Nokia’s Windows Phone licence revealed
20 Jul 2012

Ericsson suffers 63 per cent profit drop in Q2

Nokia Siemens also drops 8 per cent globally
19 Jul 2012

Launch date for Windows 8 revealed

PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices with new Metro user interface to be released same day
19 Jul 2012

Is Elop still working for Redmond

11 Jul 2012

MeeGo-based phone from Jolla to be ‘revealed’ later this year

CEO Jussi Hurmola promises ‘completely open’ smartphone operating system
10 Jul 2012

Nokia should fire Elop and the board should go too - Jean-Louis Gassée

Silicon Valley veteran blasts mobile phone maker’s CEO and board
04 Jul 2012

Analysis: Is Nokia's leadership fit for purpose?

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has presided over a precipitous decline in revenues at the mobile technology company. Now, some are saying that he should go - and take the rest of the board with him
03 Jul 2012

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8

Tech giant plays catch-up with Android and Apple - but won't offer upgrades for existing users
21 Jun 2012

Nokia to axe 10,000 staff

"The market is too competitive," says the handset manufacturer
14 Jun 2012

Qualys files for $100m IPO

Cloud security provider will list under 'QLYS' symbol
11 Jun 2012

Why learning a skill is patently ridiculous

24 May 2012

Nokia wades into patent wars, targeting HTC and RIM

Handset manufacturer says rivals failed to license its technologies
03 May 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 review

Windows Phone offers high-end specs at a reasonable price
30 Jan 2012

Nokia unveils first Windows Phone devices

Partnership with Microsoft bears fruit but will it be enough to tempt users from Apple and Android?
26 Oct 2011

Nokia developer forum hacked

Members' email addresses and personal information accessed
30 Aug 2011

Nokia confirms Accenture to support Symbian until 2016

Drawn out death for major mobile operating system
22 Jun 2011

RIM misses meagre expectations, Nokia flounders too

RIM misses limp quarterly expectations and Nokia closes down online stores
17 Jun 2011