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Nokia cutting 1,000 jobs while EE to close 78 UK stores

Jobs cut sign
EE store managers face chop as 4G provider consolidates its retail estate
17 Jan 2013

Nokia exceeds Q4 expectations with 4.4 million Lumia sales

Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8
Finnish firm achieves unexpected underlying profitability with Lumia's most successful quarter since release
10 Jan 2013

Samsung claims record £5.1bn quarterly profit

Samsung's Galaxy Note II smartphone
South Korean electronics giant is selling 500 devices a minute
08 Jan 2013

Nokia planning 10in Windows RT-based tablet computer

New device to be launched at Mobile World Congress in February, according to reports
19 Dec 2012

Jury decides Apple’s iPhone infringes patents from Sony, Nokia

Patents held by licencing firm MobileMedia Ideas
14 Dec 2012

Jolla finally unveils Sailfish – a Linux-based rival to Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Sailfish offers 'usability and speed-­of-­use to a totally new level, unseen in the mobile industry'. Really?
21 Nov 2012

Microsoft's mobile operating systems hit by Wi-Fi problems and random re-boots

But if you run your Surface tablet over in the car it might just be all right
19 Nov 2012

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 8

Prices to start at £30 on Everything Everywhere
30 Oct 2012

Nokia drops from list of top five smartphone vendors, replaced by RIM

Finnish mobile giant drops off list for first time since 2004
29 Oct 2012

China crisis for Nokia as sales plunge causes €900m loss

62 per cent drop in China sales keeps Nokia embroiled in crisis
18 Oct 2012

HTC profits slump 79 per cent in third quarter

One X maker falling further behind Apple and Samsung
09 Oct 2012

Nokia’s Elop hints at exclusive components to rival rumoured Microsoft smartphones

Doesn’t stop company putting Finland HQ up for sale, though
03 Oct 2012

Nokia strikes mapping deal with Oracle

Mapping the one area of Nokia that is expanding and profitable
01 Oct 2012

The fall of the house of Apple

All empires fall, but Graeme Burton sees Apple crumble sooner than most expect
12 Sep 2012

Nokia Lumia 920 'to be Everything Everywhere 4G exclusive'

Could be the first phone to offer 4G connectivity - unless the Apple iPhone 5 gets there first
10 Sep 2012

Nokia and Microsoft unveil Windows Phone 8-based Lumia smartphones

Feature-packed Lumia 920 offers wireless charging, PureView camera and real-time, location-based information services
05 Sep 2012

Analysis: Nokia Lumia 920 ‘leaks’ show wireless charging stations and new case design

More rumours appear before Nokia-Microsoft launch on Wednesday
04 Sep 2012

Foxconn shares fall following $226m net loss

Smartphone manufacturer for Nokia, Motorola and Sony blames 'sluggish' orders
28 Aug 2012

Apple's success forced 'crisis of design' on Samsung

Samsung switched competitive focus from Nokia to Apple
07 Aug 2012

Telco suppliers go from boom to bust

Why are the big telecoms equipment vendors struggling in the age of IP?
06 Aug 2012

Crash Podcast: Nokia, Office 2013, Windows 8 & patent disputes

Crash is the regular IT news podcast from Computing
31 Jul 2012

Microsoft licensing costs destroy Windows Phone adoption

Ovum analyst claims Microsoft’s licensing costs are putting off phone manufacturers
23 Jul 2012

Nokia paying Microsoft $60 per Windows Phone royalty

Potentially crippling cost of Nokia’s Windows Phone licence revealed
20 Jul 2012

Ericsson suffers 63 per cent profit drop in Q2

Nokia Siemens also drops 8 per cent globally
19 Jul 2012