Latest Next Generation Network articles

"What VMware was to server virtualisation we want to be to network virtualisation" - Pluribus

But don't mention SDN, says CMO Dave Ginsburg
02 Apr 2014

WAN optimisation: Etex uses Ipanema and Easynet to connect new subsidiary

Building construction silhouette
Construction group infrastructure manager explains what influenced his decision to implement WAN optimisation through a service provider
28 May 2013

US national lab running 'quantum internet' experiment for two-and-a-half years

Los Alamos National Labs develops hub-and-spoke quantum communications architecture
08 May 2013

Oracle buys Acme Packet for 'session border control'

Oracle pays $2.1bn for IP hardware company Acme
05 Feb 2013

Cisco to acquire cloud company Meraki for $1.2bn

Meraki's simplified network management proves popular with customers - and its biggest rival
19 Nov 2012

Eastern county council CIOs in network-sharing talks

Vision of the Public Sector Network takes a step closer to reality
07 Mar 2012

UK government should combine network infrastructure plans, urge telecoms groups

Plea to pool funds for broadband, energy and health networks
10 Nov 2011

Cisco beams up Shatner to address Las Vegas cloud trek

Public and private cloud computing will feature heavily at networking giant's Cisco Live! event
12 Jul 2011

Cisco Live! - Boldly going where no LAN vendor has gone before

Cisco invites Captain Kirk to give the closing keynote at its Live! event
11 Jul 2011

Eight public sector bodies in Gwent sign up to PSN

The group forms part of the Public Sector Broadband Aggregation, a cross-Wales network linking hundreds of public service bodies
09 May 2011

Force10 Networks launches Open Cloud Networking

ISPs and multinationals offered low power, high network capacity datacentre-focused infrastructure
26 Apr 2011

PSN supplier Global Crossing acquired by Level 3

Global Crossing customers warned the takeover could lead to short-term disruption to projects
12 Apr 2011

IEEE 400Gbit/s standard to combat internet bandwidth exhaustion

Next-generation standard can't come soon enough for bandwidth hungry firms such as Facebook
09 Mar 2011

NetEvents: Firms with rigid security risk going the way of Nokia

Palo Alto Networks' Nir Zuk warns that lack of innovation in IT security is holding companies back
10 Feb 2011

UK below 'emerging markets' in European optical fibre league

FTTH Council Europe says mature markets like UK and Germany need to speed up optical fibre rollout
10 Feb 2011