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F1 is a data sport and understanding technology key to a good start - Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing's Alan Peasland believes understanding data is the "biggest element" in getting ahead in the early stages of the 2014 F1 season
11 Mar 2014

CloudFlare gives details of 'largest ever DDoS attack' and warns of worse to come

'Buckle up', advises CEO Matthew Prince warning that criminals may have even bigger attacks planned
14 Feb 2014

Securing your website against hackers and malware

A padlock on a hard drive representing cyber security
This web seminar will explore the threats to organisations as they expand their usage of web-based services, and review the best strategies to protect your websites and applications from hackers and malware.
30 Jan 2014

NSA telephone data collection ruled unconstitutional

NSA activities described as 'almost Orwellian' in first post-Snowden case
17 Dec 2013

Internet traffic 'hijacked' and routed through Belarus and Iceland – Renesys

Renesys claims that internet traffic from key cities has been deliberately re-routed several times this year
21 Nov 2013

How Qualys network security tools protect University of Westminster from cyber threats

The university's network security officer Ashley Pereira on why the institution chose QualysGuard Cloud Platform to protect against threats
07 Nov 2013

NSA has 'circumvented or cracked' internet encryption exposing banking systems, medical records and more

You really do have no privacy on the internet, even if you use encryption, due to secret NSA and GCHQ spying activities
06 Sep 2013

The future of cybersecurity and BYOD at Network Rail

Peter Gothard visits Network Rail's head of IS strategy, Simon Goodman, to find out more about the company's cybersecurity policy
19 Aug 2013

MasterCard and Visa banning VPN providers, says Swedish payment service Payson

‘Urgent requirement’ from credit card companies behind sudden policy change
04 Jul 2013

Enterprise Mobility Summit 2013: MDM and MAM need to converge, says AirWatch

Director of innovation says neither is sufficient on its own in most cases, but united they can be a real enabler
11 Jun 2013

Government defends Huawei after MPs warn on security

MPs 'shocked' by complacency over security in Huawei/BT deal
06 Jun 2013

'There is no info security risk; there is just risk' says Santander risk chief

Risk needs to be addressed by teams that boast a broad range of skills, says Paisley
24 Apr 2013

Every nation is engaging in cyber attacks, says News International CISO

Amar Singh tells Computing state-funded cyber warfare is already here and more needs to be done to protect against attacks
17 Apr 2013

Third-party software accounts for 86 per cent of PC vulnerabilities

Nine out of 10 security flaws are a result of non-native products such as Chrome, Firefox and iTunes
15 Mar 2013

Microsoft Patch Tuesday promises busy week for admins

Four 'critical' and three 'important' updates to be released
08 Mar 2013

How the London Olympics dealt with six major cyber attacks

Six major attacks out of 165 million 'security events' identified
06 Mar 2013

Cyber crime scenes “not being preserved”

Evidence destroyed by careless IT staff, rushing to get systems back up and running after cyber attacks
21 Feb 2013

Oxford blocks Google Docs

Google needs to do more to fight cyber-crime, says university after spate of phishing attacks
19 Feb 2013

Outsourcing a 'major component' of two-thirds of IT security lapses

Trustwave report highlights outsourcing as a major risk factor as many types of security software become increasingly ineffective
12 Feb 2013

Huge rise in cross-site scripting attacks

Cross-site scripting attacks up 160 per cent as organisations admit to inadequate file access control on virtual servers
29 Jan 2013

CISOs: Big security vendors caught on the hop by rise in enterprise mobility

CISOs of Network Rail, Commerzbank, Field Fisher Waterhouse slate bigger vendors for slow response to BYOD
16 Jan 2013

Nine out of 10 companies 'not vulnerable' to cyber attack - or so they say

Most companies believe they are secure – even though half have faced security risks in the past year
10 Jan 2013

Software for US military to be subject to new legal checks

National Defense Authorization Act to introduce new software testing rules
08 Jan 2013

Microsoft admits to zero-day vulnerability in IE

Attackers could hack into Windows users' PCs
02 Jan 2013