Latest Net Neutrality articles

Global governments negotiating ‘mega trade deal’ to threaten internet freedoms and international privacy, alleges ‘leaked’ report

Cross-border information exchange and ISP management are focus
19 Dec 2014

Bundestag sends 'Google Tax' to committee

German parliament will decide if Google is to be charged to link media content
30 Nov 2012

Berners-Lee launches international index to chart political and social impact of web

British physicist and computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee
Sweden tops index while the UK - perhaps surprisingly - comes third
06 Sep 2012

Updated: Virgin, Vodafone, Everything Everywhere boycott net neutrality pact

ISPs refuse to sign 'full and open access' internet agreement
25 Jul 2012

Google introduces browser pop-up to warn users of 'state-sponsored attacks'

Gmail users thought to be under governmental surveillance will receive red banner
07 Jun 2012

Ofcom urges ISPs to improve traffic management code

Regulator would like to see increased transparency among internet providers
24 Nov 2011

European Parliament votes in favour of net neutrality

The European Commission is being put under pressure to regulate
17 Nov 2011

European Commission put under pressure by Parliament to regulate on net neutrality

More information has been demanded about regulating ISPs
21 Oct 2011

Why the Dutch are wrong on net neutrality

Professor Martin Cave argues that Dutch attempts to regulate net neutrality could limit entrepreneurship and investment
15 Jul 2011

Why the UK shouldn’t go Dutch on net neutrality

The UK would be wrong to follow the Netherlands in passing a law enforcing net neutrality
04 Jul 2011

Netherlands first to regulate on net neutrality

Analysts say Ofcom will not likely consider intervention just yet
15 Jun 2011

eG8: Sarkozy talks up government's role in regulating the internet

French president tells heads of Google, Microsoft and Facebook that they can't have everything their own way
24 May 2011

EC to investigate ISPs' traffic management practices

Tough curbs on traffic management may be on the horizon
18 Apr 2011

Tim Berners-Lee pushes net neutrality at ISP roundtable

Attendees discussed issues around managing traffic and protecting open internet
16 Mar 2011

Is a traffic management code of practice another step away from net neutrality?

Signing by ISPs gets a mixed reaction from the industry
14 Mar 2011