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Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo as default search tool

Mayer describes deal as 'most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years'
21 Nov 2014

Mozilla releases £20 smartphone in India

Firefox OS logo image
Intex Cloud FX will 'enable the masses to get a smartphone experience at the cost of a feature phone', says phone manufacturer
26 Aug 2014

Mozilla to trial sponsored links on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox web browser logo
Firefox will not be turned into "a mess of logos sold to the highest bidder", claims Firefox VP
12 May 2014

ZTE to sell Firefox OS ZTE Open on eBay for £60

Budget smartphone model will retail exclusively on auction site
13 Aug 2013

MWC: Firefox OS running on the ZTE Open

Mozilla takes us through the company's new Firefox OS mobile platform on ZTE's new Open device.
06 Mar 2013

MWC: Firefox smartphone manufacturers revealed

Handset manufacturers will be LG, ZTE, Huawei and TCL, with more firms 'to follow'
25 Feb 2013

First Firefox phones to be released in February

'Developer' phones to sport operating system supporting HTML5 apps as standard
23 Jan 2013

Mozilla confirms plans to release Firefox phone this year

Browser provider teaming with ZTE to produce open-source mobile
11 Jan 2013

Google and Mozilla draw battle lines in mobile browser wars

Google will benefit from acquiring Sparrow, Mozilla can't succeed with new OS, says analyst
23 Jul 2012

Atkins looks to HTML 5.0 to deliver cross-platform geographic apps

Consulting giant seeks freedom from Apple, Google – and Microsoft
21 Jun 2012

UK branch of Silicon Valley Bank welcomed by George Osborne

Chancellor lauds opening of iconic technology bank
11 Jun 2012

Windows RT 'may have anti-trust implications', says Mozilla

Ovum: Biggest winners of API war could be Android
11 May 2012

Mozilla developing IE10 rival for Windows 8

Mozilla is developing a new version of Firefox that will function across both desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8
13 Mar 2012

Mozilla adds tracking graph tool to Firefox

Add-on shows who tracks you in real time
05 Mar 2012

Google changes tack on ‘do not track’

U-turn for Chrome follows flak from privacy groups
24 Feb 2012

Four-year-old hack raises SSL alarm

Certificate authority of Dutch telco added to list of compromised issuers
07 Nov 2011

Mozilla to launch mobile OS

Firefox creator working on operating system for smartphones and tablets
27 Jul 2011

Review: Mozilla Firefox 5

Mozilla updates Firefox in double-quick time, but with few significant feature additions
21 Jun 2011

Mozilla to release Firefox version 5 today

Firefox now on quarterly update cycle
21 Jun 2011

Mozilla releases Firefox 4 today

Firefox also released weekend update to patch problems with the software
22 Mar 2011

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