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Apple cuts Samsung chip order for new iPhone

Apple iPhone fighting Samsung Galaxy SIII
Apple has reportedly cut orders for memory chips from Samsung as they attempt to reduce reliance on their rival
07 Sep 2012

Playing to win: an interview with's Francesco de Marchis

francesco de marchis
Francesco de Marchis is overseeing a website revamp at that aims to revolutionise the way people sell and shop on the net
06 Sep 2012

Analysis: Nokia Lumia 920 ‘leaks’ show wireless charging stations and new case design

More rumours appear before Nokia-Microsoft launch on Wednesday
04 Sep 2012

Samsung wins Apple patent case in Japan

Tokyo judge rules in favour of South Korean firm
31 Aug 2012

Apple and Google CEOs hold secret patent talks

Sources close to companies reveal Cook and Page have had phone calls about IP wars
31 Aug 2012

Landline office phones to be obsolete by 2017

Smartphones to replace landlines within five years suggests research
29 Aug 2012

Foxconn shares fall following $226m net loss

Smartphone manufacturer for Nokia, Motorola and Sony blames 'sluggish' orders
28 Aug 2012

BlackBerry web usage down by a quarter

Figures suggest that BlackBerry smartphones are becoming relegated to business voice and email functions only
20 Aug 2012

IBM said to be entering game as RIM split rumours fly

IBM reported to be mulling purchase of RIM's enterprise division, while BlackBerry maker considers selling multimedia acquisitions
13 Aug 2012

The rise and rise of touchscreens in the workplace

Eighty-four per cent of smartphones and 69 per cent of tablets used for business
13 Aug 2012

Balancing the books: flexible working in smaller businesses

As home working and BYOD become more common, smaller businesses need to put them on a more formal footing
08 Aug 2012

BlackBerry launches new tablets based on QNX-based Playbook OS 2

Launch coincides with August layoffs of 3,000 staff
03 Aug 2012

PayPal acquires credit card capture firm

eBay payment giant makes another bold move into mobile space
18 Jul 2012

Texting now more popular than talking in UK, says Ofcom

Texting also outstrips face-to-face meeting by nine per cent
18 Jul 2012

CSR sells technology group and patents to Samsung in $310m deal

Pioneering technology company sells mobile handset and location group to Samsung
17 Jul 2012

O2 network hit by major outages; 2G service now restored, says provider

24 hours of problems for customers coming to an end, states O2
12 Jul 2012

RIM CEO will turn company into 'lean, mean hunting machine'

Thorstein Heins vows to turnaround the embattled BlackBerry firm
11 Jul 2012

Telcos unite to form global M2M technology alliance

Group will work with Jasper Wireless technologies to promote global standards
11 Jul 2012

MeeGo-based phone from Jolla to be ‘revealed’ later this year

CEO Jussi Hurmola promises ‘completely open’ smartphone operating system
10 Jul 2012

Tablets driving more e-commerce sites than smartphones, says report

Tablets will account for more than 10 per cent of total e-commerce sales by 2013, says Monetate
09 Jul 2012

Amazon planning Foxconn-made smartphone

Customised Android phone planned – but Google’s Nexus 7 will beat it to market
06 Jul 2012

Vodafone gets European Commission approval to acquire Cable & Wireless

Ruling means company will become world's second-largest telco
06 Jul 2012

Managing mobile devices – The BYOD challenge

Live 12th July. While smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, media players and other devices are becoming more prevalent, and staff more mobile, there is strong evidence of an emerging tension within UK industry and public sector bodies. The most common response by IT departments is to ban access to company networks to all devices apart from those provided and secured by the company itself.
04 Jul 2012

Nokia should fire Elop and the board should go too - Jean-Louis Gassée

Silicon Valley veteran blasts mobile phone maker’s CEO and board
04 Jul 2012