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Crash Podcast: MWC, HMRC and other acronyms

Computing brings you its semi-regular podcast, featuring a roundup of Mobile World Congress and other stories
11 Mar 2013

Google makes 1,200 more job cuts at Motorola Mobility

Motorola logo taken at MWC
10 per cent of workforce culled in three countries
08 Mar 2013

Pret a Manger sees growing appetite for contactless payments

Sandwich chain's IT director tells Computing that contactless payments now make up 20 per cent of all transactions
06 Mar 2013

MWC: New tablets, and their place in the enterprise

Computing hits the floor at MWC to find out what the big - and not so big - smartphone companies will offer the enterprise with their new devices
06 Mar 2013

MWC: What can Firefox OS offer to the smartphone market?

Mozilla explains how its new mobile platform will affect the market, and the enterprise user
06 Mar 2013

MWC: Firefox OS running on the ZTE Open

Mozilla takes us through the company's new Firefox OS mobile platform on ZTE's new Open device.
06 Mar 2013

Met Police’s 30,000 smartphones could end up as 'costly paperweights'

Expert warns that most mobile devices are not suitable for filling in crime reports
06 Mar 2013

HTC settles with FTC over mobile security flaws

Federal Trade Commission requires HTC to undergo independent security assessments for next 20 years
26 Feb 2013

PayPal bringing mobile payment service to UK this summer

PayPal Here designed with the needs of small businesses in mind
22 Feb 2013

Opera aquires mobile video optimiser Skyfire

Deal for Californian firm worth up to $155m
15 Feb 2013

Apple iOS watch with smartphone features reportedly in development

Apple is reportedly developing a wrist-based device, but it isn't the first firm to have the idea
11 Feb 2013

Ubuntu smartphones tipped to arrive in October

Linux-based OS to reach two large regions in 2013, according to Canonical founder
07 Feb 2013

Z10 has hit the ground running, says BlackBerry

Strong demand for new device despite its shortcomings
06 Feb 2013

RIM renamed, launches BlackBerry 10 OS and two smartphones in UK tomorrow

'Builds on and betters' everything before, says CEO Heins
30 Jan 2013

Cambridge council: 'We can’t offer iPhones to staff without being pilloried in the local press'

'We won't pay for the phone, we won't pay the tariff. We won't even train you,' says leader of council's BYOD scheme
25 Jan 2013

Phones 4u to launch 4G mobile service

EE-supported LIFE Mobile to launch in March
22 Jan 2013

RIM shares reach 13-month high

Rise comes after licensing comments from CEO Thorsten Heins
22 Jan 2013

CISOs: Big security vendors caught on the hop by rise in enterprise mobility

CISOs of Network Rail, Commerzbank, Field Fisher Waterhouse slate bigger vendors for slow response to BYOD
16 Jan 2013

Bendable battery appears in South Korea

Add flexible tablets, and mobile could have a pliable future
15 Jan 2013

PC still the dominant device for web and work, says Deloitte

We're in an era of 'PC plus' rather than 'Post-PC', according to analysts
15 Jan 2013

Mozilla confirms plans to release Firefox phone this year

Browser provider teaming with ZTE to produce open-source mobile
11 Jan 2013

Nokia exceeds Q4 expectations with 4.4 million Lumia sales

Finnish firm achieves unexpected underlying profitability with Lumia's most successful quarter since release
10 Jan 2013

HTC posts lowest quarterly profit since 2004

Taiwanese firm's profits drop $322m year-on-year
07 Jan 2013

Over one billion smartphones to be sold this year

2013 could see two billion smartphones in use by year's end
07 Jan 2013