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Met Police using desktop PCs that take 30 minutes to boot

A Met police car
Expert panel blames Met Police for not developing long-term IT strategy
18 Jun 2013

Aon selects Azzurri for telecoms management

Broker chooses communications firm after successful trial
17 Jun 2013

Boost for BYOD as EU calls time on mobile roaming charges

Mobile roaming charges can be very expensive
Mobile operators will take a hit but may benefit in the long run
14 Jun 2013

BYOD programme at Shell to impact 135,000 staff

Firm will use CA CloudMinder for mobile authentication and access management
12 Jun 2013

Will iOS 7 solidify Apple's position in the enterprise?

Enhanced security, streamlined MDM and progress with NFC makes Apple's new platform more tempting than ever
12 Jun 2013

Follow the Computing Enterprise Mobility Summit Live

The latest news straight from Computing's Enterprise Mobility Summit - hear from the industry's top experts, CIOs and specialists
10 Jun 2013

Russian app-based taxi startup Wheely takes aim at London's Addison Lee

Company has already poached Addison Lee’s MD
10 Jun 2013

Crowdfunded Fairphone goes into production

New phone aims to draw attention to dire conditions in the electronics supply chain
10 Jun 2013

IBM and 10gen collaborate on database development standard

New open-source project to allow developers to use one protocol to access data in SQL and NoSQL data stores
07 Jun 2013

Follow the money in mobile ads, says Medialets founder

Online advertising an 'unsolved problem' concurs Mailbox founder Underwood
04 Jun 2013

Computing Tech Tiff debate: order or chaos in mobile phone platforms?

Technology debating reaches critical mass in new video series
30 May 2013

Huawei boss breaks silence on US block, saying 'rest of the world is big enough'

'We can withstand the difficulties from the US government' says Zhengfei
10 May 2013

Facebook mobile advertising contributes to 38 per cent revenue boost

Overall revenue up 38 per cent compared with Q1 2012
02 May 2013

Google acquires Wavii news streaming application

Deal worth a reported $30m follows similar acquisition of Summly by Yahoo
29 Apr 2013

Essex County Council seeks bidders for IT hardware contract

Council procuring on behalf of other public sector bodies for provision of mobiles, tablets, laptops and servers
22 Apr 2013

EE 'crazy not to embrace the enterprise with high-speed 4G' says Teliqo

'Nobody needs 120Mbps for a telephone call'
16 Apr 2013

Office of Fair Trading to investigate legality of in-app payments

OFT to consult developers, parents and consumer groups over in-app payments
12 Apr 2013

Canada lends Telefónica £170m to buy BlackBerry phones

Government loan helps Spanish telecoms group to buy BlackBerry's latest technology
08 Apr 2013

Google's Blink moves Chrome browser away from Apple's Safari

New fork of WebKit promises faster development, especially on mobile platforms
05 Apr 2013

Facebook Home app and tie-in HTC First phone announced

Facebook's app will take over many everyday aspects of Android UI
04 Apr 2013

Apple patents wraparound smartphone screen technology

'Transparent housing and flexible display assembly' may feature in company’s next devices
02 Apr 2013

BlackBerry shares plunge following 'tepid' US Z10 sales

Goldman Sachs also downgrades firm's rating to 'neutral'
26 Mar 2013

Yahoo buys news summarisation app from UK teen for £18m

Meanwhile, Apple acquires indoor mapping startup
26 Mar 2013

HTC One to launch this week

Taiwanese firm cites 'unprecedented demand' for delayed smartphone
25 Mar 2013