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BlackBerry could find success as 'niche' player, says director

BlackBerry Director Eric Nordberg
Bert Nordberg believes BlackBerry's unique selling points can still attract customers to the firm
02 Sep 2013

HTC execs arrested on suspicion of leaking trade secrets

HTC Explorer
Also accused of making false commission claims of $330,000
02 Sep 2013

Morgan Stanley delaying BlackBerry refresh - report

Investment bank fears for long term support of BB10, according to Bloomberg
29 Aug 2013

Intel plans to ratchet up mobile platform performance with 14-nanometre silicon

Intel to use latest manufacturing technology on forthcoming mobile and embedded systems
21 Aug 2013

Computing Tech Tiff debate: do we really need 4G?

Is 4G mobile data a money-grabbing consumer fancy or a legitimate aid to enterprise connectivity?
21 Aug 2013

BlackBerry mulls patent sale as Windows knocks it into fourth place

Thousands of patents worth billions - if BlackBerry can find the right buyer
16 Aug 2013

Apple beats Samsung in US patent import case

Older Samsung devices to be banned from US shores after a 'review period'
12 Aug 2013

Intel Atom-based Prestigio MultiPhone - Review

How does one of the latest generation Intel Atom-based smartphones compare with its ARM rivals? Computing has got its hands on the new 'Intel Inside' Prestigio MultiPhone to see how its performance, battery life and all-round usability shape up
30 Jul 2013

Huawei expects 10 per cent sales growth for 2013 after reporting interim results

Chinese telecoms equipment company generated $18.6bn in the first half of 2013
24 Jul 2013

One billion new phone numbers for machine-to-machine communications released by Irish regulator

New numbers intended to ease pressure as connected devices become increasingly common in the home
17 Jul 2013

Apple seeking 'outside help' for iWatch development

Company reported to be struggling, with possibility of product cancellation looming
16 Jul 2013

Mobile operators' offices raided in EU antitrust probe

Orange, Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom all under investigation by European Commission
12 Jul 2013

BlackBerry marketing manager departs as top brass face shareholder reckoning

Two longtime board members also to leave devices company
10 Jul 2013

HTC share value slumps to seven-and-a-half-year low

Seven per cent drop for struggling Taiwanese phone giant
08 Jul 2013

Mobile roaming charges fall

Cost of using mobile phones in other EU countries to call and use the internet falls today due to new rules
01 Jul 2013

The nation's enterprise mobility plans revealed

Tablets and virtualised desktops leading the charge as workforces become more mobile
28 Jun 2013

Hounslow selects Salesforce to help drive digital transformation

Council looks to provide better services using mobile, social and cloud computing
27 Jun 2013

Computing Mobility Summit panel discussion: Integration, applications and diversification

Panel of CIOs discuss what tomorrow will look like
27 Jun 2013

IT departments failing to protect sensitive data on mobile devices

Report by Ponemon Institute suggests more needs to be done to comply with privacy and data protection legislation
25 Jun 2013

Enterprise Mobility

The way we access the web has changed dramatically, even in just the last few years, with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly common at home and in the workplace. WE examine how businesses are approaching their mobile offering.
25 Jun 2013

Microsoft was ‘in talks to buy Nokia handset business’

Insiders say Nokia market position caused talks to break down
20 Jun 2013

BlackBerry 10 exploit requires too “specific chain of events” to be serious, says Zscaler

Affects only BlackBerry Protect recovery service, and only on Z10
19 Jun 2013

Met Police using desktop PCs that take 30 minutes to boot

Expert panel blames Met Police for not developing long-term IT strategy
18 Jun 2013

Aon selects Azzurri for telecoms management

Broker chooses communications firm after successful trial
17 Jun 2013