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UK Parliament ‘has visibility’ of its data on Microsoft servers

Joan Miller Director of Paliamentary ICT
Director of ICT, Joan Miller, suggests that Microsoft would breach contract if data was moved outside of EU
01 Jul 2014

Microsoft Surface sales rise 50 per cent year on year

Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G
Q3 earnings report shows modest increase in Surface revenues plus bigger rises for Office 365 and Azure
25 Apr 2014

London School of Business and Finance favours Surface RT for 'familiar application framework' in bespoke development

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
"We needed Office 2013," says CIO
18 Feb 2014

Microsoft will encrypt messages in Office 365

Keeping the spies out
22 Nov 2013

Hounslow Council puts its faith in the cloud, and to hell with the NSA

Council selects Box for document storage and collaboration, and plans to go infrastructure-free in five years
10 Oct 2013

Simply Business selects Microsoft's BI platform over Oracle to gain better customer insight

Oracle 'wouldn't give the same rigour, reliability and agility as Microsoft SQL Server 2012', claims company chief operating officer
03 Sep 2013

International Airlines Group adopts Microsoft Office 365

Group comprising British Airways and Iberia selects Microsoft tools to aid collaboration between its 58,000 staff
07 Aug 2013

Houses of Parliament could move to Microsoft Office 365 despite data risk

Houses will mitigate risk of US Patriot Act by making contractual agreements to enable data to sit in EU
27 Jun 2013

Microsoft in driving seat of Aston Martin mobility upgrade

The luxury car maker has completed a company-wide upgrade of its productivity tools. Peter Gothard discovers what is driving the firm’s enduring love of all things Microsoft
25 Jun 2013

Top 10 software stories of 2013 so far

“Software” will be 60-years old this October, but despite the lack of big launches so far this year, there's still been plenty of activity
13 Jun 2013

Office 365 and Google Apps fight for supremacy

Microsoft would be unwise to drop its offline version of Office just yet
28 May 2013

Telefónica moves to Microsoft 365

Yammer and Lync contributed to 'straight forward choice' says group CIO
16 May 2013

30 per cent of businesses that use counterfeit software are infected by malware

Counterfeit software is a cash cow for organised criminals, warns Microsoft
06 Mar 2013

Microsoft refreshes Office 365 for business

Analysts warn of vendor lock-in with latest update
27 Feb 2013

Data now safer in the cloud than in-house, says Mazars chief

Google and Microsoft solutions particularly desirable, says infrastructure manager Jayson Dudley
13 Feb 2013

CIA 365

31 Jan 2013

Dixons Retail to deploy Office 365 in move towards flexible working

Retailer will 'continue to be progressive' in delivering service
11 Dec 2012

LinkedIn announces full Office 2013 integration

Enterprise social network joins YouTube, Facebook, Flickr with built-in support
26 Jul 2012

Microsoft job ad suggests Office 2013 for Mac and iOS is in the pipeline

Microsoft looking for a new test engineer to 'be part of Microsoft's next move on the Mac and on iOS'
24 Jul 2012

Microsoft Office 2013: The Verdict

Computing brings you its hand-on view of Office 2013, revealing the good, the bad, and the clunky
20 Jul 2012

Microsoft "delivers again" with Office 2013 says industry

End users and analysts satisfied with Microsoft's promises for new Office platform
17 Jul 2012

Apps for Office makes Office 2013 unique, claims Microsoft

VBA upgrade steals the show in new Office enterprise reveal
17 Jul 2012

Microsoft to unveil updated Office software suite

Lync, Exchange and SharePoint updates also expected
16 Jul 2012

Microsoft announces acquisition of multitouch display company Perceptive Pixel

Acquisition suggests a solid business focus for Microsoft's tablet strategy, as it pulls in workplace touch technology
09 Jul 2012