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Peterborough City Council wants to drop 'expensive' Microsoft for open source and collaborative tools

'We've looked at applications like Word and Excel and actually find that most people in the council use them very rarely nowadays,' Richard Godfrey, ICT, strategy, infrastructure and programme manager tells Computing
19 Jan 2015

In computer security, it's almost impossible to tell the 'good guys' from the 'bad guys'

Even the most sophisticated of cyber attacks invariably start with a banal email and a simple attachment or URL. But how should organisations start to protect themselves against such attacks?
25 Nov 2014

'Our data is more secure in the cloud', says London Irish rugby club

Entrance staircase advertising Microsoft Office 365
'We're confident that it's safe,' says Richard Watton, operations manager at London Irish, after shift to Office 365
03 Sep 2014

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveils Office for iPad

Nadella's announcement marks a shift to "mobile first, cloud first" strategy at Microsoft
28 Mar 2014

How Allianz insures against data mishaps

Peter Gothard reports on how Allianz Insurance Ireland is using software to minimise the risk of data breaches occurring as a result of human error
25 Feb 2014

Remove Microsoft admin rights to mitigate 92 per cent of vulnerabilities

Avecto analysed data from security bulletins issued by Microsoft throughout 2013
18 Feb 2014

Government wants to drop Microsoft Office for open source alternatives

Francis Maude says switch will result in cost savings and better collaboration
29 Jan 2014

Dorset County Council to outsource ICT technical resources in £100m tender

Framework will be open for collaboration and access by other public sector bodies
27 Jan 2014

Interview: Raising IT's profile at Skanska

Computing speaks to Steve Capper, director of IT at construction giant Skanska, about re-energising a stale IT environment
09 Dec 2013

There’s life in the old PC yet

Some tablets may become obsolete long before laptops and desktop PCs bite the dust, writes John Leonard
17 Sep 2013

The Top 10 best iPhone apps for enterprise users

Sooraj Shah looks at the apps that can boost productivity when you're on the move
08 Jul 2013

Analysis: does PC performance affect productivity?

Do slow PCs also slow the minds and reduce the performance of office workers? Or would a little reduction in speed be beneficial?
03 Apr 2013

Analysis: Microsoft feels heat from Office rivals

For the first time in almost two decades, Microsoft is facing a serious challenge in one of its core software cash cows: Microsoft Office
19 Mar 2013

Microsoft U-turns over non-transferable Office 2013 licence

Microsoft says that customers can transfer their Office 2013 licences to other PCs after all
06 Mar 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 pre-release available for download

Professional Plus 2013 and Mac 2011 versions made available prior to expected launch in February
18 Jan 2013

Google aims to lure '90 per cent of Microsoft Office users'

Competition for enterprise office users heats up
02 Jan 2013

Bill Gates: Windows devices will share one OS

Microsoft chairman announces that eventually one OS will be used to power phones, desktops and tablets
23 Oct 2012

Analysis: Microsoft sets up shop

Peter Gothard grills Microsoft director for SharePoint, Richard Riley, on what the Apps for Office and SharePoint stores will truly offer developers and IT managers
18 Oct 2012

Google drops support for .doc in Google Apps

Google’s cloud office suite stops export of documents in older Microsoft Office formats
27 Sep 2012

New Microsoft terms and conditions limit users’ legal options

Binding arbitration and class action waivers must be agreed to in order to keep using online services
04 Sep 2012

Microsoft rebrands with first new logo in 25 years

Revised branding reflects focus on diversity for software company
24 Aug 2012

Microsoft releases five critical security updates

Windows, Internet Explorer and SQL server all affected
15 Aug 2012

LinkedIn announces full Office 2013 integration

Enterprise social network joins YouTube, Facebook, Flickr with built-in support
26 Jul 2012

Microsoft job ad suggests Office 2013 for Mac and iOS is in the pipeline

Microsoft looking for a new test engineer to 'be part of Microsoft's next move on the Mac and on iOS'
24 Jul 2012