Latest Metropolitan Police articles

South-East police forces on the hunt for information assurance services in £20m tender

Penetration testing, CLAS advice, RMADS and PIA all included in two-year contract
23 Apr 2014

Suspected hackers arrested over alleged plot to steal millions from Santander

Santander bank
Twelve men in London in custody after a device was fitted to a PC in Surrey Quays branch
13 Sep 2013

Poorly managed Met Police ICT has led to higher crime

A police officer speaking to a driver
London Assembly report warns that decades-old technology is hampering ability to fight crime
30 Aug 2013

Is the UK's cyber Home Guard up to the challenge?

Sooraj Shah investigates whether the police and armed forces have the digital skills needed to protect the nation
24 Jul 2013

Green sets out plans for private sector involvement in more flexible police ICT strategy

Home Office minister tells Reform 'the centralised, one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past'
09 Jul 2013

Met Police’s 30,000 smartphones could end up as 'costly paperweights'

Expert warns that most mobile devices are not suitable for filling in crime reports
06 Mar 2013

Met Police need to stop buying the 'shiniest new technology' to cut costs

London Assembly questions expert panel on Met's strategy to save millions on IT
05 Mar 2013

Metropolitan Police IT strategy under investigation

London Assembly to question how Met can find £102m in savings between 2014 and 2016
27 Feb 2013

Metropolitan Police CIO Ailsa Beaton to leave next year

Director of information Beaton to leave in mid-2013 after 12 years at Met Police
23 Nov 2012