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Met Police selects Lockheed Martin for command-and-control system upgrade

£90m deal is the first major refresh to the Met's command-and-control systems for 30 years
07 Aug 2014

Met Police unveils £200m ‘Total Technology' strategy

A Met police car
Front-line officers will get tablets, as the Met aims to cut costs and reduce crime
10 Feb 2014

Poorly managed Met Police ICT has led to higher crime

A police officer speaking to a driver
London Assembly report warns that decades-old technology is hampering ability to fight crime
30 Aug 2013

Met Police using desktop PCs that take 30 minutes to boot

Expert panel blames Met Police for not developing long-term IT strategy
18 Jun 2013

Met Police’s 30,000 smartphones could end up as 'costly paperweights'

Expert warns that most mobile devices are not suitable for filling in crime reports
06 Mar 2013

Met Police need to stop buying the 'shiniest new technology' to cut costs

London Assembly questions expert panel on Met's strategy to save millions on IT
05 Mar 2013

Metropolitan Police IT strategy under investigation

London Assembly to question how Met can find £102m in savings between 2014 and 2016
27 Feb 2013

A force to be reckoned: an interview with the Met's Ailsa Beaton

Ailsa Beaton has been CIO at the Metropolitan Police for 12 years. She tells Computing how the organisation's information systems have changed in that time - and how they may change in the future
13 Dec 2012

Metropolitan Police CIO Ailsa Beaton to leave next year

Director of information Beaton to leave in mid-2013 after 12 years at Met Police
23 Nov 2012

The Home Office creates private Police ICT Company

Company to take over from doomed NPIA which left the police IT set-up "broken"
17 Jul 2012

Met Police system raises concerns about privacy, says expert

System that extracts suspects’ mobile data could be used unlawfully
18 May 2012

Metropolitan Police issues £200m tender for IT services

Services to include data interactions with mobile devices
27 Apr 2012

Police forces given £2.7m to spend on 3D scanning technology

Department for Transport hopes technology will help to speed up crash site investigation
04 Jan 2012

Capgemini gains accreditation for services to police force

Capgemini has been awarded ISO 20000 certification for its provision of IT to London's Metropolitan Police Service
09 Dec 2011

Police website takedown rules a threat to business

Website owners have no effective safeguard against erroneous police action, warn campaigners
22 Nov 2011

Met Police's e-crime unit saves UK economy £140m in six months

PCeU is on course to exceed target to reduce cyber crime
03 Oct 2011

Met Police seek new command and control system

Call handling system must be capable of dealing with 2,600 calls an hour
28 Sep 2011

Police IT is confused, fragmented and expensive

Will a new police-led company help to rectify this?
26 Sep 2011

Met police cancel IT tender

Tender for new custody system cancelled, and will now go through a framework run by the government procurement service
02 Sep 2011

Police forces seek IT provider to deliver shared services

Thames Valley, Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex Police are looking to consolidate their existing voice and data network services
18 Aug 2011

Police turn to facial recognition technology

Riots prompt UK police force to use new technology that could be used during 2012 Olympics
12 Aug 2011

NPIA's online procurement process will launch today

The hub will be used by Lincolnshire police and be rolled out to all 43 forces by June 2012
12 Aug 2011

NPIA's online procurement process to launch today

The hub will be used by Lincolnshire police initially and rolled out to all 43 forces by June 2012
12 Aug 2011

Police data stolen from officer's home

A USB stick containing data concerning Greater Manchester Police operations was taken
29 Jul 2011