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Why Channel 4 chose open-source MuleSoft over 'prohibitively expensive' Oracle and Microsoft

The Channel 4 building
James Curran, senior project manager in Channel 4's information systems department, tells Computing how open-source Mule ESB has benefited the broadcaster
08 Dec 2014

‘With cloud computing, security becomes more of a concern,’ says UKTV director of technology

But combining use of mobile, cloud based working with education about security threats makes for a much more innovative and creative working environment, Ben Hine tells Computing.
28 Oct 2014

H4cked Off: The worst job I ever had

A plea to IT marketers to de-leverage the verbiage
11 Feb 2013

Nine out of 10 companies 'not vulnerable' to cyber attack - or so they say

Most companies believe they are secure – even though half have faced security risks in the past year
10 Jan 2013

US elections: hunch vs. crunch? No contest

Analyst Nate Silver beats political pundits into second place by predicting results 100 per cent correctly
08 Nov 2012

Agent of influence

05 Sep 2012

Beauty and the geek

22 May 2012

Report suggests NoW hacked computers as well as phones

BBC investigations suggest that the hacking may have compromised classified British intelligence on government servers
20 Dec 2011

The real Big Bang Theory

07 Sep 2011

Media agency saves £500,000 with cloud platform

Bezier has ditched its legacy systems and moved to a private cloud provided by Star
19 Aug 2011

Creepy journalists

19 Jul 2011

Hackers land on The Sun web site

Hacktivists post a fake story about Murdoch's death – both Anonymous and Lulzsec claim credit
19 Jul 2011

Will email audit trails lead to more dirt on News International?

How email audit trails could help police investigating the News of the World phone-hacking scandal
14 Jul 2011

NOTW scandal highlights firms' email retention obligations

Amid allegations that News International destroyed important emails, Computing looks at the legal requirements around retaining email data
12 Jul 2011

Murdoch papers accused of breaking data protection rules

The Sun allegedly used illegal methods as it intruded into Gordon Brown's private life
12 Jul 2011

When ‘Cyber nuts’ hit back

07 Jul 2011

Where poetic nerds get heard

07 Jul 2011

Interview: Mark Laws, A&N Media

A&N Media’s Mark Laws believes collaborative technology such as Yammer can be an invaluable enterprise tool
22 Jun 2011

The FT bypasses Apple to launch web-based app

The paper is asking its readers to switch from its older iPhone and iPad app
07 Jun 2011

Review: eRightsoft SUPER 2011 build 48

Freeware media conversion package deals with just about any media format
25 May 2011

Playboy archive comes to the iPad

Publisher launches full archive and paid subscription service for Apple iPad
24 May 2011

For cloud users, failure is an option

IT leader says cloud is great because it means he can try, fail and move on quickly
21 Apr 2011

Adobe launches Creative Suite 5.5 and offers desktop subscriptions for apps

Software release schedule shortened to exploit proliferation of mobile devices and rise in use of rich media content
11 Apr 2011

Wall Street Journal and Condé Nast launch iPad apps

Companies continue to branch into the app world a week after iPad 2 was unveiled
14 Mar 2011