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Is the cloud now your data’s best hope against the scum of the universe?

Steven Sinofsky was formerly president of Windows at Microsoft
Can you now store all your data in the cloud and know it will be better protected than in your data centre? Steven Sinofsky thinks so, but others aren’t so sure, as Peter Gothard discovers
15 Sep 2014

Majority of email users can't detect phishing scams, warns McAfee

Figures on a keyboard representing phishing
In tests, 79 per cent of users failed to detect at least one phishing attempt
04 Sep 2014

Project to detect collusion attacks on Android begins

Collusion attacks use malicious apps to circumvent Android controls in order to pass data to criminals
01 Jul 2014

McAfee: £300bn annual global cost of cyber crime

'Groups have repeatedly shown that they can overcome almost any cyber defence,' admits McAfee
10 Jun 2014

Cyber security talent goes to the highest bidder

The UK is widely seen as a world leader in cyber security expertise. But as Sooraj Shah reports, it is mainly those firms with the deepest pockets that are benefiting
16 Jan 2014

More than 80 per cent of employees use 'non-approved' SaaS apps - report

Less than half are concerned that their use of unapproved software could lead to data loss
08 Jan 2014

80 per cent of staff use 'risky' unauthorised apps on corporate networks

McAfee report suggests corporations could be at risk through use of shadow IT, but others suggest IT department should adapt to new methods of working
04 Dec 2013

Kevin Mitnick: 'The only thing McAfee is good at is making videos'

Outspoken security expert and reformed hacker claims that anti-virus software is next to useless, and shows how peer to peer software can cause devestating leaks of sensitive corporate data
16 Oct 2013

Malware writers move in for the mobile kill

Mobile security resembles PC security in its early days, warns McAfee’s Jason Brown at the Computing IT Leaders’ Forum
27 Sep 2013

'Security by default' agenda required to improve public sector cyber security

McAfee's Graeme Stewart says service providers at every level of the public sector supply chain must be educated about the need for proper cyber security
27 Aug 2013

McAfee: '$1 trillion global cyber crime cost was over the top'

McAfee CTO Mike Fey admits to 'flawed' estimate for global cyber crime costs
20 Aug 2013

Cyber crime costs global business 'hundreds of billions' says McAfee

Cyber espionage and intellectual property theft have led to 500,000 lost jobs in US alone
23 Jul 2013

South Korean cyber attacks part of a four-year campaign of espionage - McAfee

McAfee claims 'New Romanic Cyber Army Team' likely behind four-year cyber campaign
09 Jul 2013

Improper big data storage leaves security holes, says McAfee

Company's 'Needle in a Datastack' reports many organisations are ill-equipped to deal with big data-related security breaches
17 Jun 2013

Microsoft gives zero-day vulnerabilities to US security services - Bloomberg

Microsoft gives zero-day vulnerabilities to US spooks in 'ask no questions' pact
14 Jun 2013

Social media malware rising significantly, says McAfee report

Koobface worm attacks more than treble and email spam is also on the rise
03 Jun 2013

McAfee acquires Stonesoft in $389m deal

Intel-owned anti-virus software vendor adds firewall technology to its portfolio
07 May 2013

Cyber security bill could allow police to look through database without a warrant

CISPA has been passed by US House but could still be rejected by Senators
19 Apr 2013

White House demands changes to cybersecurity bill to strengthen privacy

CISPA currently grants immunity to corporations for potential data breaches
18 Apr 2013

Queen’s University partners with Infosys to tackle cyber security threat

Queen's secure IT centre and Infosys team up to tackle cloud, Android and iPad security threats
16 Apr 2013

NHS trust selects Safend suite to replace free McAfee Safeboot solution

Reporting features, simpler management and overall security features worth paying for, says trust
04 Apr 2013

Government announces Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership to stamp out online crime

Yet another initiative conjured up by government to tackle rise in cyber threats
15 Mar 2013

RSA 2013: Anti-virus software companies unveil new tools and features

Trend Micro and McAfee show off new features to end botnets, and improve anti-virus intelligence
26 Feb 2013

Video: McAfee's CTO on UK government cyber security spending

How effectively has the UK government spent its £650m cyber security budget? Raj Samani offers his thoughts.
18 Dec 2012