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Yahoo buys video ad firm BrightRoll as rumours surface of plot to oust CEO Marissa Mayer

Yahoo makes another acquisition, but top shareholders are said to be exploring the possibility of a merger with AOL
12 Nov 2014

Yahoo beats Q1 revenue expectations, despite profits slump

yahoo's Marissa Mayer
Struggling web firm boosted by Chinese internet firm Alibaba as CEO Marissa 'buoyed by growth'
16 Apr 2014

Zuckerberg and Mayer hit back at Prism critics

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says she could go to jail for not complying, while Zuckerberg says government did a bad job
12 Sep 2013

Yahoo beats Google in US web traffic

Company receives more visitors than rival for first time in over two years
23 Aug 2013

Tumblr was running out of money before Yahoo paid $990m for it

Quarterly filing reveals that Tumblr had just $16.6m in cash when Marissa Mayer swooped - while Yahoo revenues continue to fall
09 Aug 2013

Yahoo expands research labs to investigate emerging tech

50 PhDs to be hired to examine the likes of big data and AI
05 Aug 2013

Yahoo investor responsible for appointing Mayer sells shares, leaves board

Despite selling off his Yahoo shares, Dan Loeb believes Yahoo is heading in the right direction
23 Jul 2013

Yahoo acquires iPhone video app Qwiki

Yahoo continues to focus on mobile with $50m acquisition of storytelling app
03 Jul 2013

Yahoo subjected to 12,000 data requests in six months under Prism

CEO Marrissa Mayer calls for government to reconsider its stance on FISA
18 Jun 2013

Yahoo bids up to $800m for video site Hulu

Yahoo's plan to take on Google continues with bid for Hulu, as well as mobile and communications companies
28 May 2013

Yahoo to buy Tumblr for $1.1bn

Marissa Mayer continues Yahoo's spending spree on content websites in bid to take on Google and Facebook
20 May 2013

Yahoo's Mayer receives $36m in first six months as CEO

Figures revealed along with shareholder plans to curb board pay
01 May 2013

Yahoo chairman resigns

Fred Amoroso is the latest casualty as the web firm struggles to reverse its fortunes
26 Apr 2013

Yahoo's Mayer breaks silence on work from home ban

Staff more innovative when they're working together, argues Yahoo CEO
22 Apr 2013

Yahoo and Apple discuss iPhone and iPad partnership

Yahoo apps could play more prominent role on Apple devices
10 Apr 2013

O2 MD questions wisdom of Yahoo's ban on home working

'People don't need to come to the office to prove they're working hard' says David Plumb
13 Mar 2013

Mayer's ‘rigorous’ hiring practices causing company to miss out on top talent, says Yahoo employee

CEO receiving internal complaints for refusing good candidates
12 Mar 2013

H4cked off: Work from home? Couldn't Yahoo just work on Ymail?

The furore over Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's edict ending working from home at the web company masks deeper strategic challenges
26 Feb 2013