Latest Malware articles

Adobe vulnerability being used to attack defence industry

Adobe headquarters in San Jose
A newly discovered vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader appears to be attacking the defence industry, with Lockheed Martin and US supplier Man Tech thought to be targets so far
09 Dec 2011

Researchers find spike in malware targeting online payment

Data security
Java is most commonly exploited as hackers find is easier to breach than other languages and platforms
06 Dec 2011

Yahoo Messenger exploit threatens new wave of malware

Concept image representing virus malware
The newly discovered vulnerability could be used to inject malware into corporate networks
05 Dec 2011

Malware writer claims to have hacked Windows 8

A security researcher has released a new version of his software that he claims will successfully penetrate Windows 8's defences and allow it to be controlled
18 Nov 2011

Experts stress public-private collaboration is key to protecting infrastructure

London Conference on Cyberspace hears how government and private firms should work together to protect critical national infrastructure
02 Nov 2011

IT security vendors can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong

01 Nov 2011

Dell analysis questions previous research into Duqu

New report states Duqu Trojan may not have been created by the Stuxnet team as previously thought
27 Oct 2011

Crash Podcast - Government's saving plans, mass malware and ARM

This week we discuss the government's strategy to save £1.4bn using IT, a new mass SQL injection malware attack, and a new server operating system designed to work with ARM chips
21 Oct 2011

Researchers discover new mass malware infection

Approximately 180,000 infected internet pages are currently downloading drive-by malware onto users' machines
20 Oct 2011

Security experts uncover precursor to Stuxnet 2.0

Duqu Trojan found spying on makers of industrial control systems
19 Oct 2011

Researchers say failed attacks yield useful information

Using data from the cloud on failed cyber attacks, security firms can predict likely targets and attack vectors, according to Symantec
07 Oct 2011

Mutating malware on the rise

Three-quarters of email malware designed to foil traditional security
27 Sep 2011

Mobile malware increases by 273 per cent

Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting smartphones and tablets with cross-platform trojans, according to a new report
13 Sep 2011

Linux repository attacked by cyber criminals has suffered a security breach, and a trojan was added to the system startup scripts
01 Sep 2011

China gets tough on cyber crime

China will increase penalties for those caught computer hacking from September
30 Aug 2011

Money market mayhem sees return of pump-and-dump scams

Symantec highlights rise in spam designed to tempt twitchy traders with too-good-to-be true tips
24 Aug 2011

McAfee: Malware targeting Android jumps 76 per cent

Cyber security report also finds 12 million unique malware samples in 2011 so far, up 22 per cent on 2010
23 Aug 2011

Google: Cyber criminals use IP cloaking to circumvent security

Report exposes how malware authors evade cyber security techniques
19 Aug 2011

MPs to launch malware inquiry

Select committee to explore government role in protecting citizens from malware
21 Jul 2011

Consumers want internet security to be provided by banks

Financial services firms most trusted to secure online access
07 Jul 2011

Report finds enterprises are failing to block malware

Cyber criminals are still able to get malware through enterprise restriction policies
06 Jul 2011

Malware infects Virgin Media customers

SOCA found that 1,500 Virgin Media customers were infected with SpyEye Trojan
17 Jun 2011

New Android malware most stealthy yet

Known as Plankton, a new Android malware is able to secretly download further payloads to the mobile device
13 Jun 2011

Computing research reveals businesses underestimate the threat of web-based attacks

Survey reveals that at least one in 10 business web sites has been compromised in some way
01 Jun 2011