Latest Malware articles

Microsoft and Symantec “take down” Bamital clickfraud botnet

Three-year investigation to smash $1m clickfraud ring that PCs infected with malware
07 Feb 2013

2013 will see more Stuxnet and Flame-like malware attacks, says AVG CTO

But hacktivists are more bark than bite says Ben-Itzhak
06 Feb 2013

Android's built-in malware scanner detects just 15 per cent of threats

Concept image representing virus malware
Jellybean's in-built software has a long way to go but shows promise, says computer scientist.
11 Dec 2012

Microsoft warns of increased rootkit infections

Necurs malware on he rise, reported on over 83,000 machines in November
10 Dec 2012

Symantec finds malware that corrupts SQL databases

Malware appears to be designed to damage data, not steal it
26 Nov 2012

Android users' privacy put at risk by apps collecting unnecessary data

Research suggests an epidemic of apps collecting data from unsuspecting smartphone owners
06 Nov 2012

Android devices most at risk from mobile malware

Malware on smartphones and tablets has grown massively, with the Android OS by far the most targeted
07 Sep 2012

Hidden banking trojan discovered after being infected by other malware

Sality Trojan infects banking malware enabling traditional anti-virus products to identify it
31 Aug 2012

EU security body warns on sophisticated new online banking attacks

Banks should assume that all PCs are infected, says ENISA
06 Jul 2012

iOS malware warning over app that steals phone numbers

Russian-made app behind text-message spam, claims Kaspersky
06 Jul 2012

Will Alureon 'Internet Doomsday' virus cause net 'blackout' on Monday?

Government support servers for last November’s virus attack shutting down on 9 July
06 Jul 2012

Google cloud will rain on IT’s parade

24 May 2012

New Mac OSX malware highlights risks of late patching

Microsoft has discovered that a Mac vulnerability it patched in 2009 is still affecting Snow Leopard and earlier OS versions
02 May 2012

PwC report: 8 out of 10 organisations suffered staff-related security breaches in 2011

Only 39 per cent of large businesses encrypt mobile devices, according to a new report from PwC
18 Apr 2012

New Android malware can remotely control phone

Latest Android threat can enable hackers to remotely and stealthily install unapproved software on users' machines
06 Apr 2012

Facing up to the application security challenge

02 Mar 2012

Stolen Facebook and Twitter log-ins on sale for $30 each

Cyber criminals also flogging log-ins for cPanel website administration
08 Feb 2012

Security Roundup: The top stories of 2011

Hacktivists on the rampage, Sony and RSA on the back foot, and the UK cyber security strategy all over the place
27 Dec 2011

ENISA outlines seven measures to improve ICS security

EU security body's report details the potential threats to Industrial Control Systems, and what should be done to protect them
19 Dec 2011

Adobe vulnerability being used to attack defence industry

A newly discovered vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat and Reader appears to be attacking the defence industry, with Lockheed Martin and US supplier Man Tech thought to be targets so far
09 Dec 2011

Researchers find spike in malware targeting online payment

Java is most commonly exploited as hackers find is easier to breach than other languages and platforms
06 Dec 2011

Yahoo Messenger exploit threatens new wave of malware

The newly discovered vulnerability could be used to inject malware into corporate networks
05 Dec 2011

Malware writer claims to have hacked Windows 8

A security researcher has released a new version of his software that he claims will successfully penetrate Windows 8's defences and allow it to be controlled
18 Nov 2011

Experts stress public-private collaboration is key to protecting infrastructure

London Conference on Cyberspace hears how government and private firms should work together to protect critical national infrastructure
02 Nov 2011