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LinkedIn users warned of new phishing scam

Fake emails discovered designed to harvest logins and passwords
18 Jul 2014

GCHQ seeks to control the internet with social media manipulation, poll hacking and even more snooping

Illustration of an eye looking through a keyhole
Spy agency has catalogue of software tools it uses to infiltrate the internet to shape what people see
15 Jul 2014

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter band together against 'net neutrality' plan

More than 100 tech firms sign letter opposing plans by FCC commmissioners
08 May 2014

Sell Hack, the email-revealing LinkedIn plug-in, shuts down... for now

Browser extension shuts down after a cease and desist order from LinkedIn but vows to return after "record signups"
02 Apr 2014

Box plans to raise $250m in IPO

CEO Aaron Levie had suggested to Computing that the firm was readying itself for an IPO back in October
25 Mar 2014

Facebook’s Instagram 'signs $50m advertising deal' with Omnicom

Deal could see likes of Pepsi, Microsoft and AT&T posting videos and photos on mobile photo-sharing app
10 Mar 2014

How cyber criminals beat email filters and web gateways

Mark Sparshott, executive director at Proofpoint, told delegates at Computing's IT Leaders' Forum event how cyber criminals use an understanding of psychology to defeat traditional security tools
06 Mar 2014

US government enables tech firms to release more NSA spying data

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn can publish aggregate number of national security requests they receive
28 Jan 2014

Obama to meet with tech CEOs on NSA, issues

US President will seek advice from Apple, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce
17 Dec 2013

Eight tech firms call for changes to US government surveillance

The likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook all involved in 'Reform Government Surveillance' alliance
09 Dec 2013

LinkedIn spear-phishing campaign discovered

New LinkedIn scam harvests users data for malicious purposes
01 Nov 2013

US government: 'Tech firms should not be allowed to publish data requests'

Claims that 'adversaries' would be able to switch providers if they knew which companies the government is working with
03 Oct 2013

LivingSocial hacked – 50 million customers' data compromised

Customers' personal data gathered but credit card data hasn't been accessed
29 Apr 2013

Defence contractor devises Facebook data mining and analysis tool

Raytheon claims the software can 'predict' people's behaviour by analysing Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare and LinkedIn
11 Feb 2013

LinkedIn sees strong quarter and shares up 10 per cent

81 per cent year-on-year revenue rise sees LinkedIn reap the rewards of site re-engineering
08 Feb 2013

Analysis: Why Twitter may well be worthy of a £6.8bn IPO valuation

There's good reason to suppose it will avoid 'doing a Facebook' if it does float in 2014
08 Jan 2013

SaaS shares buoyant as consumer-focused firms founder

Recent IPOs reveal a marked preference among investors for B2B software firms
06 Dec 2012

Google: 'Government surveillance is on the rise'

But requests for data access in the UK fell slightly in the six months to July 2012
14 Nov 2012

Hackers raid World of Warcraft game servers

Blizzard states “no evidence” of credit card or billings thefts as passwords are looted
10 Aug 2012

HP poaches Kimberly-Clark CIO (Updated)

Ramón F. Baez will be the customers' voice, says Ovum
02 Aug 2012

LinkedIn announces full Office 2013 integration

Enterprise social network joins YouTube, Facebook, Flickr with built-in support
26 Jul 2012

LinkedIn made 'basic mistakes', claim security companies

Why did LinkedIn get it so wrong, and how can companies tighten security in future?
09 Jun 2012

Stolen LinkedIn passwords 'genuine' says Sophos, LinkedIn confirms data breach (NEW UPDATES)

Hacked "6.4 million" list is real. LinkedIn confirms some are for its accounts. eHarmony also hit.
06 Jun 2012

CES 2012: BlackBerry unveils PlayBook OS 2.0

Update designed to make RIM's tablet more attractive to enterprise buyers
10 Jan 2012