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Developing e-leaders - how can education help?

Professor Sharm Manwani of Henley Business School explains how many IT leaders are 'created' rather than 'born'
07 Oct 2014

The 'Don't knows' are running UK IT

Computing Research reveals that significant numbers of IT leaders can't answer basic questions about their jobs
01 Jul 2014

Tailor-made agility at Net-a-Porter

Richard Lloyd-Williams, Net-a-Porter’s group IT director, tells Danny Palmer how organising his fast-expanding department into agile, business-focused development teams is enabling it to react more quickly to the needs of the firm and its customers
13 Jan 2014

Interview: LV='s Richard Warner, CIO of the Year 2013

LV=’s Richard Warner tells Sooraj Shah what it means to be crowned the CIO of the Year, and explains how IT has driven growth at the insurance firm
25 Nov 2013

Computing research: Web development for mobile users

The need to develop websites and apps for mobile platforms can put IT leaders back in the driving seat
20 Mar 2013

Can you still find a job for life in IT?

In many companies, the IT department is melting away to be replaced by a patchwork of cloud and outsourced applications. However, demand for IT staff still remains strong - even if the roles have changed dramatically over the past 10 years
23 Jan 2013

A force to be reckoned: an interview with the Met's Ailsa Beaton

Ailsa Beaton has been CIO at the Metropolitan Police for 12 years. She tells Computing how the organisation's information systems have changed in that time - and how they may change in the future
13 Dec 2012

Triumph and tribulation: a look back at 2012

While London 2012 provided a showcase for the very best the UK tech sector has to offer, the year also saw one of this country’s biggest software names become embroiled in controversy. Stuart Sumner looks back at the highs and lows of the past 12 months
13 Dec 2012

Research: how to bring printing and copying costs under control

The office printer is unloved, unmanaged and uneconomic. Does it have to be this way?
13 Nov 2012

Our role will not disappear: PwC CIO fires back at Groupama CIO

Edinburgh Airport head of IT also responds to claims that CIO and CEO roles will merge
18 Oct 2012

Security is not a game of blame

17 Oct 2012

Precision engineering: an interview with Buro Happold IT director Shaun Mundy

Buro Happold’s Shaun Mundy tells Graeme Burton how he grapples with Windows, ultrabooks and BYOD policies
25 Sep 2012

Where marketing stops and IT starts

21 Sep 2012

The UK IT Industry Awards 2012

Some of UK IT’s most innovative firms describe their delight at being shortlisted for one of the prestigious awards to be presented at this year’s event
20 Sep 2012

Back to the future: new buzz-phrases, familiar problems

2012 may have been a red-letter year for UK public events, but how has it been so far for the technology sector?
06 Sep 2012

A load of entre-manure

13 Jul 2012

Opinion: Developers and testers must work as a team

Sharing responsibility is the best way to improve IT quality
13 Jul 2012

Fiasco at RBS Group smacks of a lack of leadership

04 Jul 2012

Direction of travel: an interview with TfL CIO Steve Townsend

TfL CIO Steve Townsend is bringing actionable information closer to the business side of the organisation and directly into the hands of the travelling public
20 Jun 2012

Computing research: the business of IT decision-making

John Leonard examines the extent to which business managers are involved in IT procurement decisions
19 Jun 2012

Opinion: three steps to becoming a successful CIO

At the heart of the CIO’s role lie three key tasks, write Antony Barnes and Marcus Johansson
18 Jun 2012

Application performance – a top priority for businesses in 2012

06 Jun 2012

At the helm of government ICT: interview with Andy Nelson

In today’s information-sharing age, can being CIO of such a huge IT user as the British government really be a part-time job? Sooraj Shah spoke to the man himself, Andy Nelson, to find out
06 Jun 2012

Computing research: a who’s who of IT decision making

John Leonard reveals the influence that various job roles have over technology investment decisions
06 Jun 2012