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Ofcom: smartphone internet use growing seven times faster than laptops and desktops

New Ofcom report shows traditional devices sliding off the map in the UK
07 Aug 2014

Google Chromebook outsells MacBooks and Android tablets in US

Google HP Chromebook 11 front on
Does Google’s web-tethered device point the way to the future of laptops?
02 Jan 2014

Deloitte to issue touchscreen laptops but CIO still unsure on Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga Laptop screen
Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga is in the frame as 'Big Four' firm moves to Windows 8.1
02 Jan 2014

Gigabyte P27 high-performance laptop: Review

High-performance laptops can be a pig-in-a-poke. The Gigabyte P27, though, shouldn't disappoint – except in terms of the quality of its loudspeakers
13 Dec 2013

How Dell technology 'played a major role' in production of Free Birds movie

Reel FX IT director Scott Correll and lead technical director Ross Moshell tell Computing how Dell helped them make a feature film
04 Dec 2013

Review: Gigabyte U2442F ultrabook

The Gigabyte U2442F comes from a company better known for its motherboards. But is this pricey “Ultrabook” worth the £999 that it is asking? Graeme Burton investigates
27 Sep 2013

Tablets 'will never exceed 30 per cent of PC market' says Nolan Bushnell

Atari founder tells Computing that desktop and laptop PCs unlikely to be eclipsed by tablets
06 Sep 2013

PC sales fall by one-fifth in Western Europe, claims Gartner

UK desktop and laptop sales down by one-quarter since 2010 - independent vendors hardest hit
07 Aug 2013

Top 10 ways to keep your computer cool as the UK heats up

Having random crashes or other PC problems in the heat wave? Try our top cooling tips
18 Jul 2013

PC shipments in decline but only 2 per cent replacing with tablets

Users increasingly moving towards mobile devices says IDC, but Computing's own research suggests desktops are far from dead
29 May 2013

Essex County Council seeks bidders for IT hardware contract

Council procuring on behalf of other public sector bodies for provision of mobiles, tablets, laptops and servers
22 Apr 2013

IDC says PC market hitting limits of growth, but Computing research begs to differ

75 per cent of Computing readers plan to buy laptops or desktops for staff in 2013 or 2014
11 Mar 2013

NHS Trust issues tender of up to £100m for IT hardware

Hardware to include tablets and desktops
26 Nov 2012

Tablets to outsell laptops for the first time this year

Tablets sales to beat laptops in the US this quarter - and globally by 2015
22 Nov 2012

Why Valve's Big Picture puts Apple on alert

Steam's arrival in the living room shows developer's vision to move beyond games
12 Sep 2012

Laptop inventor Bill Moggridge dies

Industrial designer who first attached a folding screen to a keyboard has lost his battle with cancer
10 Sep 2012

Managing mobile devices – The BYOD challenge

Live 12th July. While smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, media players and other devices are becoming more prevalent, and staff more mobile, there is strong evidence of an emerging tension within UK industry and public sector bodies. The most common response by IT departments is to ban access to company networks to all devices apart from those provided and secured by the company itself.
04 Jul 2012

Review: MacBook Air 11in Ultimate MD214

MacBook Air gets 10Gbit/s Thunderbolt connection, plus new second-generation Intel Core i7 processors
01 Nov 2011

Camden Council boosts mobile security

Council implements Computrace remote tracking and deletion technology to stay on the right side of the ICO
16 Sep 2011

Windows 8 developer preview now available

Quality not roadmap dates will drive Windows 8 release cycle says Microsoft
13 Sep 2011

Review: HP ProBook 4530s Notebook PC

Business notebook shows good security, but lacks fast removable storage port
24 Aug 2011

Department of Health laptop losses total £200k

Department admits it only started encrypting devices in 2006
12 Jul 2011

Review: Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Laptop and tablet combined to rival Apple iPad
30 Jun 2011

Wales scraps free laptop programme for children

Project halted amid criticism over costs
21 Jun 2011