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Newly uncovered Linux Trojan represents 'missing piece' in four-year Turla malware attacked

Security threats - password theft
Linux component of Turla Trojan could've been used in the wild for four years, warn Kaspersky and Symantec
09 Dec 2014

Man arrested in Portsmouth on suspicion of cyber attacks on UK ATMs using Tyupkin malware

Eastern European gang suspected of using Tyupkin to drain £1.6m from cash machines
24 Oct 2014

Cash machines running Windows being emptied by 'Tyupkin' malware

ATMs across Eastern Europe emptied by malware that instructs the machine to dispense cash without card
08 Oct 2014

iCloud celebrity photo hack: Are we too quick to trust cloud storage?

After the theft of naked celebrity photos from Apple’s iCloud, should we all be more careful about what we’re – perhaps unknowingly – storing in the cloud?
01 Sep 2014

Small businesses convinced they won't be cyber attack targets have 'heads in the sand'

Britain's small businesses woefully under prepared to protect themselves against hackers, claims Kaspersky Labs
18 Jul 2014

Facebook number one social network for phishing attacks

Kaspersky Labs warns Facebook users remain vulnerable to cyber criminal phishing
16 Jul 2014

State-sponsored agents likely to be behind sophisticated 'Mask' malware - Kaspersky

Kaspersky uncovered cyber espionage tool which targeted governments for seven years
11 Feb 2014

Warnings over mass Trojan attacks against online bank customers

Neverqest Trojan can attack 'any bank in any country' warns Kaspersky
27 Nov 2013

Cyber mercenaries 'hit and run' warning after Kaspersky Icefog hacker discovery

Report from Kaspersky details 'advanced persistent threat' from group mainly targeting South Korea and Japan
26 Sep 2013

Spam rises, now counts for 70 per cent of emails

Kaspersky quarterly report suggests corporate emails are being increasingly targeted
07 Aug 2013

'All governments use the internet to spy and steal' – Huawei

China's government is no worse than anyone else's, says Huawei security head John Suffolk
30 May 2013

Cyber-heist victim says 'no customers suffered loss' in suspected £29m bank robbery

Outdated credit card designs to blame, says Kaspersky
10 May 2013

Government announces Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership to stamp out online crime

Yet another initiative conjured up by government to tackle rise in cyber threats
15 Mar 2013

Cyber-attack running for five years cracked by Kaspersky

Espionage-led cyber attack running since 2007. Parallels with Flame malware
14 Jan 2013

Financial malware 'related to Stuxnet' uncovered by Kaspersky Labs

Stealth-spread Trojan launched in September targets Lebanese banks – and PayPal
09 Aug 2012

iOS malware warning over app that steals phone numbers

Russian-made app behind text-message spam, claims Kaspersky
06 Jul 2012

Flame virus could delete files, as well as copy them

‘Espionage’ virus starts to reveal its secrets
22 Jun 2012

Security CTOs argue over the merits of UK graduates

The CTOs of security firms Kaspersky and McAfee disagree over the abilities of UK graduates
15 Jun 2012

Flame virus: son of Stuxnet uncovered in Middle East

Complex malware ‘developed by a government agency’ said to be undetectable by anti-virus and anti-malware programmes
29 May 2012

Kaspersky Lab backtracks on statement, clarifies relationship with Apple

Security tests were not invited, but Apple is "open to collaboration", claims outspoken Kaspersky CTO
14 May 2012

Apple OS "really vulnerable", claims Kaspersky Lab CTO (UPDATED)

Claims Apple too slow on security in wake of malware attacks
14 May 2012

ENISA outlines seven measures to improve ICS security

EU security body's report details the potential threats to Industrial Control Systems, and what should be done to protect them
19 Dec 2011

Kaspersky quits Business Software Alliance

Leading Russian security firm says that it can't condone the BSA's support of a new US piracy law bill
07 Dec 2011

Kaspersky provides voice of dissent at London Cyber Conference

Eugene Kaspersky told delegates at today's conference that their response is too little, and might already be too late
02 Nov 2011