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Infosec 2013: Incentivise staff to become aware of cyber risks

The Economist Group, HMRC and Field Fisher Waterhouse believe that firms needs to find innovative ways to educate their staff
25 Apr 2013

Google-owned Motorola fails in Apple sensor patent challenge

US trade agency not persuaded that Apple infringed Motorola sensor patents
23 Apr 2013

Unified EU patent scheme moves a step closer

European Union flags
Unified Patent Court to be introduced in 2014 after Spanish and Italian objections rejected
16 Apr 2013

Law firm DWF selects QlikView platform “on instinct”

CTO says there was no need for a “beauty parade” of vendors after meeting QlikView at an event
11 Apr 2013

Google's privacy woes are just the beginning

Jaclyn Wilkins of law firm Charles Russell LLP examines the investigation into Google's privacy policies and asks: which tech firm will be next?
10 Apr 2013

Third UK Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty to cyber attacks on NHS and Sony

Ryan Ackroyd from South Yorkshire will not face trial on DDoS charges
10 Apr 2013

SAP moves against 'patent troll' attacking its financial sector customers

SAP defends itself against Pi-Net International's 'business process' based US patents
02 Apr 2013

Second draft of £1.8bn Communications Data Bill is delayed until end of March

'Lack of technical understanding of Home Office officials is concerning,' says ISPA Council
15 Feb 2013

Oracle uses the power of Harry Potter to launch Google API case appeal

Java API case heading back to courts as Oracle likens copyright infringement to stealing JK Rowling's work
14 Feb 2013

Google built up position with 'illegal network of agreements', claims Microsoft-backed industry group

Google uses anti-competitive practices to extend dominance from desktop to mobile operating systems, claims Microsoft-backed group
12 Feb 2013

Is 2e2 under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office?

SFO says it cannot 'confirm or deny' whether it is investigating 2e2, while administrators say 'no comment'
11 Feb 2013

2e2: pay up £1m now or we close the datacentre

Migrating data and software from Gateshead and Reading datacentres could take 16 weeks, claims bust company's administrator
08 Feb 2013

Liquidation looms for 2e2 as administrators make 627 redundant

No buyers interested in purchasing the whole group, reveal administrators
06 Feb 2013

Where next for 2e2’s customers?

Computing speaks to law firm Morrison & Foerster on the legal implications of the reseller’s demise
05 Feb 2013

Exclusive: Unpaid contractor slams 2e2

Directors' assets should be used to pay former employees, says contractor
05 Feb 2013

Customers rush for the exit as 2e2 nears collapse

Potential bidders could be put off by customer exodus
04 Feb 2013

US tech giants criticised for lobbying against EU data privacy laws

Coalition of US privacy bodies and EU representatives slam the likes of Google and Facebook
04 Feb 2013

Antigua seeks WTO permission to host piracy website

Copyright-free website in retaliation against US extra-territorial laws against online gambling
28 Jan 2013

4G launch could see mobile makers sued by software firms, says lawyer

Handset makers must heed lessons of RIM's dispute with Visto after the 3G auction
24 Jan 2013

Banks told to establish social media risk management programme

Draft report from regulator calls for banks to draw up social media policies – even covering employees' personal social media use
24 Jan 2013

Apple CEO Tim Cook to have four hours’ questioning over alleged anti-poaching deals

Google, Intel and others also involved in lawsuit
18 Jan 2013

AMD accuses former execs of stealing 100,000 confidential files before quitting for Nvidia

Chip maker says it has uncovered an 'extraordinary case of misappropriation'
16 Jan 2013

Ericsson sells over 2,000 patents to 'patent troll'

Mobile IP-licensing specialist Unwired Planet will pass on some of the revenues generated to Ericsson
14 Jan 2013

Facebook, Google attack MEP report calling for tougher restrictions on use of personal data

Document urges EU to give its citizens much more control over how their data is exploited
09 Jan 2013