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Six private investigators sentenced after unlawfully acquiring data

Judge's gavel
ICU Investigations Ltd workers tricked utility companies, GP surgeries and TV Licensing into revealing personal details about their customers
27 Jan 2014

GP surgery manager prosecuted for illegally accessing patient data

Judge's gavel
Steven Tennison snooped on almost 2,000 patients during 2009 and 2010
04 Dec 2013

Infosys pays $34m to settle US government visa dispute

The Infosys campus in India
Indian software firm blames 'paperwork errors' and insists it's done nothing wrong
31 Oct 2013

MEPs vote in favour of strengthened data protection laws

More privacy, the "right to be forgotten", and bigger fines for internet companies that fail to comply
23 Oct 2013

Accelerating business success requires an IP focus

Patent Attorney John-Paul Rooney argues that IP should be regarded as a core element of any business strategy
29 Aug 2013

Google chairman Eric Schmidt says Google didn't steal from Oracle

Google chairman uses Google+ to reject Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's claims
27 Aug 2013

Samsung “violated labour laws” in Brazil

Employees allegedly have 32 seconds to assemble a mobile phone and 65 seconds for a television set
14 Aug 2013

Pirate Bay launches 'PirateBrowser' to dodge ISP blocks on file-sharing

Specialist browser launched 'to circumvent censorship', particularly in countries like the UK...
12 Aug 2013

Jumping the gun on EU data protection

With new EU data protection regulations experiencing delays, Peter Wainman of law firm Mills & Reeve urges businesses to concentrate on complying with the current law rather than second-guessing what it might look like in the future
29 Jul 2013

ISC exoneration of GCHQ makes a mockery of the UK legal system

According to the Intelligence and Security Committee, it is legal for GCHQ to be spying on innocent people
17 Jul 2013

Travellers’ mobile phone data downloaded and stored by police

Counter-terrorism laws allow officers to take mobile phone from any passenger they wish
15 Jul 2013

Could tech start-ups use employee shareholder agreements to become more competitive?

What if wrong hiring decisions are made and the new staff are not a good fit with the business? What if the business stops booming, salaries are an unsustainable burden and people need to be let go?
02 Jul 2013

Houses of Parliament could move to Microsoft Office 365 despite data risk

Houses will mitigate risk of US Patriot Act by making contractual agreements to enable data to sit in EU
27 Jun 2013

EU to vote on five-year minimum sentences for hackers

Hackers found guilty of attacking 'critical infrastructure' face five years or more in prison
12 Jun 2013

Google-owned Motorola faces steep fine from EC for 'abusing dominant position'

Motorola attempted to enforce an injunction to stop Apple selling iPhones in Germany
08 May 2013

Proposed Dutch laws grant police hacking powers – in the Netherlands and abroad

Dutch police seek the power to tap Gmail, Skype and WhatsApp communications in the interests of cyber security
03 May 2013

What does ‘The Instagram Act’ mean for online image copyright?

The government says it’s much-needed legislation, but critics argue it allows wholesale theft of copyrighted material. Danny Palmer examines the implications of the The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act
03 May 2013

Caldicott review: Breaking down the barriers to information sharing in the NHS

Sooraj Shah investigates the difficulties that the NHS faces with the law, technology and people in enabling data-sharing between its departments
26 Apr 2013

Infosec 2013: Incentivise staff to become aware of cyber risks

The Economist Group, HMRC and Field Fisher Waterhouse believe that firms needs to find innovative ways to educate their staff
25 Apr 2013

Google-owned Motorola fails in Apple sensor patent challenge

US trade agency not persuaded that Apple infringed Motorola sensor patents
23 Apr 2013

Unified EU patent scheme moves a step closer

Unified Patent Court to be introduced in 2014 after Spanish and Italian objections rejected
16 Apr 2013

Law firm DWF selects QlikView platform “on instinct”

CTO says there was no need for a “beauty parade” of vendors after meeting QlikView at an event
11 Apr 2013

Google's privacy woes are just the beginning

Jaclyn Wilkins of law firm Charles Russell LLP examines the investigation into Google's privacy policies and asks: which tech firm will be next?
10 Apr 2013

Third UK Lulzsec hacker pleads guilty to cyber attacks on NHS and Sony

Ryan Ackroyd from South Yorkshire will not face trial on DDoS charges
10 Apr 2013