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Analysis: Super-SAVA or super spy?

China has forged ahead with Source Address Validation Architecture technology in its IPv6 internet backbone. But will it prevent abuses or is it just another attack on internet privacy?
01 May 2013

Net address body disbands, condemns lack of government support

6UK says slow uptake of IPv6 will cost UK dear
10 Dec 2012

Today is World IPv6 Launch day, says alliance of providers [new updates]

IPv6 launch poster
Analysts speak out on internet campaign struggling to gain mindshare as IPv4 heads for the buffers.
06 Jun 2012

IP switchover moves closer as World IPv6 Day announced

The internet is moving closer to widespread IPv6 availability as key players agree to enable the new protocol on their equipment this summer
18 Jan 2012

Telco CTO says internet is no longer fit for purpose

Interoute's Matthew Finnie claims that the internet needs a new architecture to cope with the way its use has evolved
24 Aug 2011

The NEC and CERN give their LANs a boost

How the National Exhibition Centre and the European Organisation for Nuclear Research are future-proofing their network infrastructures
03 Aug 2011

Technology trends that can necessitate a LAN upgrade

The biggest headache for IT teams is identifying the trouble spots and knowing how and when to upgrade the underlying infrastructure
03 Aug 2011

IPv6 not on the IT agenda for most enterprises

Ovum report suggests organisations have little interest in IPv6
14 Jul 2011

What you need to know about IPv6 migration

05 Jul 2011

Firms gear up for World IPv6 day

Tech heavyweights get behind campaign to promote next-generation internet protocol
08 Jun 2011

World IPv6 Day kicks off

Internet giants test their connectivity for 24 hours
08 Jun 2011