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Apple and Samsung close their arguments in attacking style

The iPhone 4v and the Samsung Galaxy smartphone
The very future of open business competition in the US is at stake, claim Samsung's lawyers
22 Aug 2012

Judge gives instructions to jury as Apple and Samsung prepare closing arguments

Judge Lucy Koh
Apple-Samsung case set to be decided by jury after both sides fail to reach a compromise
21 Aug 2012

iPhone SMS security flaw is ‘severe’, according to expert

Apple iPhone
Vulnerability could allow attacker to pose as victim's bank
20 Aug 2012

Seventy one per cent of firms provide smartphones to staff

A look at the phones and tablets provided by companies to their staff
20 Aug 2012

Consumer Watchdog calls for Google’s acquisition of Frommer to be blocked

Deal would give Google more power to restrict competition, claims Consumer Watchdog
14 Aug 2012

Apple claims a quarter of Samsung’s £19.4bn US sales result from infringements

Secret Microsoft patent deal also revealed in trial
14 Aug 2012

Google announces 4,000 job cuts at Motorola Mobility

Ninety four of the firm's offices to be closed or consolidated
13 Aug 2012

H4cked Off: Rumours of the death of the desktop have been exaggerated

Computing argues in favour of the humble desktop
13 Aug 2012

Apple's success forced 'crisis of design' on Samsung

Samsung switched competitive focus from Nokia to Apple
07 Aug 2012

Apple-Samsung case restarts today

Samsung designer set to refute claims that the firm is a slave to Apple fashion
06 Aug 2012

Apple and Samsung trade accusations in first day of $2.5bn patent battle

Apple asserts that Samsung copied its products; Samsung claims 'prior art'
01 Aug 2012

Apple pays £226m for digital security company Authentec

'Apple is working on iPhone 5 fingerprint tech' says security expert
27 Jul 2012

Apple blames European sales and iPhone 5 rumours for missing earnings target

Q3 revenue was $35bn, $1bn less than forecast
25 Jul 2012

Apple-Samsung ‘peace talks’ end in acrimony over patent values

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung vice chairman Choi Gee-sung fall out over patent values
24 Jul 2012

Betaworks acquires ailing Digg for $500,000

Social aggregating site was worth a reported $200m in 2006
13 Jul 2012

Chinese e-commerce site taking iPhone 5 preorders

iPhone 5 tech specs and images all available at Taobao
13 Jul 2012

5,000 jobs to go as crisis deepens at RIM

CEO Heins announces cuts of 30 per cent to the global workforce after a £334m loss for the last quarter
29 Jun 2012

Gallery: IBM shows off the technology underpinning Wimbledon

IBM shows the predictive analytics, web and security technology that keeps the Wimbledon Tennis Championships online
27 Jun 2012

Airline industry braced for Apple-induced turbulence

SITA speakers debate whether Apple Passbook will help or hinder airlines
22 Jun 2012

Caught on camera

01 Jun 2012

Apple OS "really vulnerable", claims Kaspersky Lab CTO (UPDATED)

Claims Apple too slow on security in wake of malware attacks
14 May 2012

Industry slams standards bodies for lack of BYOD policy

Senior UK IT figures admit that security standards are inadequate, and do not cater for consumerisation trend
30 Apr 2012

Infosec: Jailbroken devices are a threat to the network

A panel of experts has warned that jailbroken mobile devices need to be detected before they are allowed on corporate networks, as their security cannot be guaranteed
26 Apr 2012

Organ phoner

18 Apr 2012