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School wants to provide every pupil with an iPad 2

iPads in the Grant Museum
Longfield Academy in Kent to offer pupils the Apple tablet for £16 a month
18 Jul 2011

The Consumerisation Challenge

Corporate IT Forum's John Harris
John Harris, chairman of the Corporate IT Forum discusses the consumerisation of IT, and what it means for the enterprise
14 Jul 2011

Employers fail to keep a handle on consumerisation

AlertMe smart meter display on a mobile phone
IDC says there is a gap between workers wanting to use their own devices, and employers' ability to support them
12 Jul 2011

IDC reports slow quarter for tablet market

Users may be holding out for the next batch of upgraded devices
11 Jul 2011

Security firm predicts iOS vulnerability will be exploited via Twitter

iPhone and iPads could be jailbroken whether you want them to be or not
08 Jul 2011

H4cked Off: I hate to say I told you so...

So the iOS isn't completely immune from hackers? Who knew...
07 Jul 2011

Oracle unveils virtual desktop app for the iPad

The app supports Oracle’s Siebel CRM
07 Jul 2011

MPs to debate the use of iPads in the Commons

If allowed, committee meetings would no longer by delayed by a day for notes to be printed
05 Jul 2011

The Times reveals 100,000 digital subscribers one year after paywall launch

Digital subscriptions are up 28 per cent since February 2011
01 Jul 2011

Tech Talk 36 - Ford apps, software industry growth and more!

Join Tech Talk for lively debate and discussion around the top stories and issues around the UK IT industry this week
24 Jun 2011

Marketing iPad apps set to see big increase

Gartner argues that CMOs are the most likely senior staff to use the iPad
23 Jun 2011

Apple should open up iOS within a year, says Kaspersky CTO

Security expert states that Apple doesn't know enough about cyber threats to protect itself or its customers
17 Jun 2011

Nuance upgrades voice app with social networking

Dragon Naturally Speaking becomes Dragon naturally tweeting
15 Jun 2011

The security threat of consumerisation

Raj Samani, EMEA CTO for McAfee discusses the trend towards the consumerisation of IT, and the security threat it poses
13 Jun 2011

Firms weaken security to accommodate iPads

Staff's own devices are being allowed on to corporate networks without adequate security
08 Jun 2011

Apple aims to dominate post-PC era

Steve Jobs predicts the cloud will become the central hub for computing - not the PC
07 Jun 2011

The FT bypasses Apple to launch web-based app

The paper is asking its readers to switch from its older iPhone and iPad app
07 Jun 2011

Apple launches iCloud

Steve Jobs returns from medical leave to launch the personal cloud service at Apple WWDC 2011
07 Jun 2011

Playboy archive comes to the iPad

Publisher launches full archive and paid subscription service for Apple iPad
24 May 2011

Consumerisation: don’t fight it, manage it

The security and control challenges that consumerisation brings are far from insurmountable
23 May 2011

Tablets in the workplace: Defining your IT strategy

This brand new web seminar from Computing will take a high-level, hardware-agnostic look at the hot topic of tablets
13 May 2011

Why Microsoft dug deep to snap up Skype

How will Microsoft benefit from its acquisition of Skype, and what does the deal mean for the enterprise?
12 May 2011

Spring 2011 IT Trends - Computing's View

The Computing editorial team discuss the top stories and trends affecting the UK IT industry
06 May 2011

DIY hacking kit launched for Mac

Cyber criminal developers will soon modify the kit to attack the iPad
03 May 2011