Latest internet protocol articles

Oracle buys Acme Packet for 'session border control'

New Oracle building with logo
Oracle pays $2.1bn for IP hardware company Acme
05 Feb 2013

Net address body disbands, condemns lack of government support

6UK says slow uptake of IPv6 will cost UK dear
10 Dec 2012

UK internet consumer business model 'doesn’t work' says Level 3

Fibre communications company calls for pay-as-you-consume broadband contracts
02 Aug 2012

BT gets superfast Welsh broadband contract

96 per cent of country to have connections up to 80Mbps by 2015
20 Jul 2012

ICANN postpones applications for new top-level domains after ‘glitch’

ICANN has taken down a recently introduced system for allocating new top-level domain names after a security bug was uncovered
13 Apr 2012

Foreign Office to hold talks on whether internet access is a human right

Minister will meet campaigners next week
14 Jul 2011

ICANN approves domain name overhaul

But businesses must protect their brand against cyber squatters
20 Jun 2011

Tower of Babel: A linguistic analogue to technological standards

09 May 2011

IANA exhausts its supply of IPv4 addresses

With IPv4 addresses now 'out of stock', organisations must turn to IPv6 for future address ranges
04 Feb 2011

Cisco to buy smart grid specialist Arch Rock

Network giant making waves in the smart grid metering services market
03 Sep 2010

Researchers want to create next-generation internet

US university pioneers research into tweaking net to focus on content not IP address
31 Aug 2010

European Patent Office rules on software

Decision ends debate on business method and establishes most recent precedent
13 May 2010

Atkins signs £12m deal for global IP network

Engineering giant is moving to a new centralised IT architecture
19 Aug 2009

Ofcom to consult on next-generation networks

BT's revised plans mean regulator must look again at competition
31 Jul 2009