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Oracle Java the most risky software despite increase in Microsoft flaws

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Versions of Apple QuickTime, Adobe Reader and VLC Media Player also rank highly on 'most exposed' list
22 Jan 2015

Windows 8 is ‘too much, too quickly and too different’, says KPMG CIO

Windows 8 live tile
Windows 8 'optional' for staff, but Windows Phone 'not ready' due to security concerns
31 Jul 2014

Windows XP users get Internet Explorer fix

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Microsoft to rush out fix for critical IE flaw running on Windows XP
02 May 2014

Microsoft admits major vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Windows XP users most at risk from 'Operation Clandestine Fox'
28 Apr 2014

Microsoft market share dips below 90 per cent, according to web counters

Net Marketshare and StatCounter claim Microsoft market share falls below 90 per cent as MacOS gathers pace
17 Mar 2014

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash link to new cyber attacks

Security company FireEye claims attackers are using unknown flaws in IE10 and IE9 to attack web users
14 Feb 2014

Safari and IE the most crash-prone browsers – while Firefox is the most stable

Testing company Sauce Labs reveals the crash and error rates of various browsers - IE6 the worst
22 Aug 2013

Microsoft Build 2013: Internet Explorer 11 places HTML 5 at the forefront

100 tabs per window, contextual keyboards, low battery and RAM demands all impress
26 Jun 2013

Microsoft Patch Tuesday promises busy week for admins

Four 'critical' and three 'important' updates to be released
08 Mar 2013

Microsoft fined €561m by EC antitrust regulators

Corporation penalised after breaking previous commitment to provide users with browser choice
06 Mar 2013

Firefox is the most vulnerable browser, says Sourcefire

'Internet Explorer's bad reputation might not be completely deserved - Firefox actually has a lot more vulnerabilities'
04 Mar 2013

Microsoft patch for zero-day exploit cracked

Microsoft's 'Fix It' solution for an Internet Explorer vulnerability has been cracked by security researchers
07 Jan 2013

Microsoft admits to zero-day vulnerability in IE

Attackers could hack into Windows users' PCs
02 Jan 2013

Java zero-day exploit being sold for ‘five digits’

Weakness found in most recent version of Oracle's Java
28 Nov 2012

Microsoft revokes trust in 28 of its digital certificates

Flame malware legacy lives on as Patch Tuesday becomes critical security fest
11 Jul 2012

Analysis: the return of the browser wars

How important is a browser to the company that owns it?
21 Jun 2012

IE7 tax ahoy!

19 Jun 2012

Yahoo applies ‘do not track’ site-wide

Portal joins browsers in spreading DNT mechanism
02 Apr 2012

Mozilla developing IE10 rival for Windows 8

Mozilla is developing a new version of Firefox that will function across both desktop and tablet versions of Windows 8
13 Mar 2012

Google changes tack on ‘do not track’

U-turn for Chrome follows flak from privacy groups
24 Feb 2012

Microsoft fixes critical bugs in Explorer and Windows

The bugs could allow hackers to remote-access users' machines if left unpatched
15 Feb 2012

Microsoft stops secretly tracking users' browsing habits

Firm blames 'supercookies' on 'older code'
23 Aug 2011

IE9 thrashes rival browsers in security contest

In tests, Microsoft's cloud-based reputation system blocked over 99 per cent of malicious URLs
16 Aug 2011

Google Chrome hits 20 per cent global market share

This is up from under three per cent two years ago
06 Jul 2011